November - February Empties

February 23, 2014

So considering this is about four months worth of empties, prepare yo'selves. Go grab a cookie and a tea... it's going to be a long one.

Mum Dry Active Deodorant: I really enjoyed this deodorant! I feel it worked quite well in reducing the amount of sweat I produced especially during workouts. I love the smell and it somehow reminds me of my mum... Would I repurchase: Yep, after I work through my supply!

Garnier 2-in-1 Gentle Make-up Remover: Holy grail status for this beauty! The duo liquid formula means you need to shake it up before using it, but if that doesn't bother you, you should definitely give it a try! It removes every little bit of makeup on my face, even hardcore eye makeup! Don't need to rub and it doesn't cause any stinging also not a lot of ! Please do yourself a favour and try this bad boy out. Would I repurchase: Already have!

Clean & Clear Oil Controlling Toner: I have had this for so long that this packaging is outdated. I didn't feel any difference using this toner. I used this generously just to get rid of it. Would I respurchase: No

Bioderma Crealine H20: A cult in the beauty world, I had a lot of expectations for Bioderma and for me it met the majority of them. I have heard others that haven't been able to justify the ridiculous cost (which I completely agree with) but I did really like the way this made my skin feel. Everytime I used it my skin felt refreshed and cleaned! Would I repurchase: Already on my next one...

Essie Protein Base Coat: Still looking for my HG base coat. This didn't do anything. No improvements on my nails nothing. I feel like I went through this extremely fast as well... Not impressed. Would I repurchase: Nope

Seche Vite Top Coat: HG top coat found! This is my third bottle of this and I haven't looked back since. Dries super fast, helps prevent chipping and smooths over any ugly mistake. Couldn't ask for more. Would I repurchase: Definitely... after I finish up all these other clogging up my nail drawers.

Garnier Clean Detox Gentle Exfoliating Scrub: It's been a while since I used this but I remember liking it a lot. I used it on an infrequent basis but every time I did use it I was pleased. It had a lovely creamy consistency and small beads to help with exfoliating without drying the skin. Would I repurchase: Maybe, but always trying new ones.

Formula 10.0.6 Strawberry and Yarrow Mud Mask: Hate this. Hate the smell. Hate that it stung the shit out of my face. Hate it. Much prefer the cheaper Queen Helene mask. Didn't even finish this mask and I ALWAYS finish products. Would I repurchase: Hell no.

California Mango Hand and Body Lotion: Smelt nice, felt good but I remember it being to thin for my hands so just used it as a body moisturiser. Nothing significant. Would I repurchase: No

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula: I always seem to have this brand even though I never buy it - looking at you Bellabox and Lust Have it. I love the smell and love the lotion, but better things out there. Would I repurchase: No, but chances are I'll get it somewhere else...

You, Me & Everybody Scrumptious Skin Mousse: Worst moisturiser ever. Trying to be all fancy in a can it lacked everything decent in the product. Was sticky but drying. Would I repurchase: Not even if I had no moisturiser ever again!

Beauty Essentials Anti-Age Night Cream: This is a cheapie night cream from Priceline and it didn't do anything magical to my skin. It wasn't thick enough for me to be a night cream so I wasn't overly impressed. Would I repurchase: No

Neutrogena Hand Cream: I enjoyed this hand cream because I liked the thickness of it - it felt more like a thick gel rather than a cream. Never even seen the full size of this product though... Would I repurchase: Probably not...

Daiso Puff and Sponge Detergent: This makes cleaning my hoard of brushes super easy. You can google this and it'll come up with a billion reviews. But yeah, it's pretty fantastic and at only $2.80 I can't fault it! Would I repurchase: I have like 3 right now!

Smart Skin Wipes: Didn't like these too much. Lost moisture really quick and didn't feel like it actually got anything off my skin. Would I repurchase: Probably because they are cheap as hell and easily accessible.

Wotnot Wipes: Phenomenal! I love these. Felt more like cloth and had so much moisture! They got so much off my face it was crazy! Would I repurchase: Will definitely look to buy these.

Beauty Care Green Tea Wipes: I like this because they are cheap and do a decent job. They don't remove as much as the Wotnot wipes but do still feel nice to take little bit of makeup off. Would I repurchase: Already have.

Paula's Choice Clear Anti-redness Exfoliating Solution: Don't really know if these did anything, but I used it up. I think I remember a little tingling/stinging feeling when I did though. Would I repurchase: Nope

Anna Sui Eye Make-up Remover: Wasn't that impressed. Removed the makeup but still required a bit of scrubbing, unlike my Garnier remover. Would I repurchase: No

Mary Kay Eye Make-up Remover: Also wasn't impressed. Stung my eyes a bit too when I used it. Would I repurchase: Nope

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream: Wasn't as great as everyone says it is. Stung my eyes if any little bit went in. Bit of a bummer. Would I repurchase: No

Lush Skin's Shangri La Moisturiser: I loved the smell of this and the thickness. Great night time moisturiser.Felt rich and lovely on the skin. My boyfriend always compliments the way my skin smells when I used it :) Would I repurchase: Maybe, but those Lush prices kill me...

Trilogy Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream: Surprisingly this little bit helped clear up my skin when I was using it. Probably got a good weeks worth out of this tube and felt my skin actually significantly improved whilst I used it. Would I repurchase: Maybe in the future.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - Silky Beige: Everyday powder. I have transferred to the transparent shade now, but the quality is just as good. Seems to really mattify my skin and smooth out the way my skin with foundation looks. Doesn't provide much coverage but I never use it alone. Would I repurchase: DUH!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation (Oily/Combo) - 150 Buff: My first full coverage foundation. Good for beginners wanting to get a good coverage. However, apply thin layers as this can look cakey as hell if done wrong. Also go in sections because this bad boy dries hella fast. Would I repurchase: Have repurchased the new formula with pump so will see how that goes...

Essence Stay All Day Concealer: Not much coverage but did help to do a little bit of brightening on days where minimal makeup was desired. Felt that this got used up so fast with minimal use. Would I repurchase: No, because there are better!

Let me know what empties you have used up and whether or not you enjoyed them! I would love to try out new products and see how they work for me!

xoxo Jacquelyn

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