Dragonberry Lipsticks - Midnight, Bramble and Velvet Crush (Review andSwatches)

March 06, 2014

I was doing some online shopping and noticed Dragonberry had just released a range of new lipsticks. I think I remember them selling Lime Crime lipsticks back in the day. Anywayyyys... I was heading to Chermside and decided I would stop in and see whether or not they had the lipsticks there that I could play with to see whether or not they were worth it. After playing around with these for a couple of months, I just checked their website and it appears they have increased the amount of shades available.

What they claim: A creamy and opaque lipstick
There are no claims made about longevity. 

$15 per lipstick or $30 for 3 - Purchase from: http://dragonberry.com.au/
Size comparison with a regular MAC lipstick

They come in a very lightweight packaging very similar to MAC and Lime Crime. As you can see in the picture, the Dragonberry lipsticks are smaller in statue compared to the MAC lipstick. I don't have any photographs of it, but each lipstick comes in a small pink box, covered in the same silver flowers that are on the lipstick casing. It gives it a high end feel. Who doesn't love opening make-up that comes within a pretty box?!

I picked up three colours: Bramble, Velvet Crush and Midnight.
I wanted to go with some colours I don't have within my collection - a difficult quest mind you!
I've been wanting Lime Crime's Styletto lipstick for a while, but have always restrained so I decided to pick up Dragonberry's version. The other two shades are definitely not something I have in my lipsticks either.

As you can see from the swatches, all three lipsticks swatch intensely and with a lot of shine even to the point of a "wet" look on your lips. I find that the formula of these lipsticks is somewhat of an oily type of consistency and I find they don't last the longest on my lips because of it. I find these only last a couple of hours on my lips without needing a touchup. 

Bramble: In the tube and in the arm swatch, Bramble turns up as a deep, dark red/brown shade -  it looks almost like a dark raspberry colour. However, when applied to my lips it looks like a brick colour and doesn't look very raspberry like at all! It's definitely not something I have in my collection and to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of the colour on my skintone. I think it would look better on darker skintones, but not so much on me. 

Velvet Crush: This one looks a lot deeper in the tube than it does when swatched. When applying, it has a very bright look to it. It's cool toned fuchsia pink shade and this is probably my favourite of the bunch because it is the easiest to apply. You can definitely see the purple in this lipstick and I think that is why I'm so drawn to this colour.

Midnight: The most intense of the three I purchased, Midnight is a completely black lipstick. When swatched on my arm it definitely looks like a black, however, when swatched on my lips the pigmentation does not translate as well. It tends to have a grey toned effect on my lips and doesn't show up as intense as I hoped. I still think this will be a great addition when I want to darken up any lipsticks or help to create an ombre look.

In conclusion, I'm not the biggest fan and I think the formulations of other lipsticks in the same price range including Maybelline and Australis are of better consistency (thicker and creamier). In saying that, I still want to pick up a couple more of the Dragonberry lipsticks, particularly in the unique shades like Malibu (pastel green), Hummingbird (pastel orange) and Pegasus (an extremely pale nude).

Have you tried the Dragonberry lipsticks? Any opinions on the range? 

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before but they look really unique :) love the packaging too
    Lovely review
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

    1. I think they are trying to mimic what Lime Crime is doing. Both in terms of packaging and colour selection!

  2. These look gorgeous! I love lipsticks that are moisturising with a sheen :)
    I'm from IG btw :) please check out my blog too :) www.kateflowermaquillage.wordpress.com

    1. I don't know if I like the formula that much... little bit too oily feeling. I think I'm more of a matte or creamy texture kind of girl haha!
      And will do! Give me a follow :)

  3. Ooh where abouts in Chermside is it? Never head of this brand. And when I first saw this photo I thought they were Lime Crime, verrry similar packaging!


    1. It's in the Westfield, opposite Dissh near Myer :) that's what I thought when I saw them... So similar! They have some pretty cool colours!

  4. <3 I just picked up a few of these yayaaa!

  5. Did you order these online or buy in store? If ordered online, did you have any trouble with postage or recieving your items?