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March 05, 2014

So strolling the aisles of my local Target I noticed they had a couple new little multi-packs from NYX. There was one specifically on their famous Jumbo Eye Pencils which included five of their popular shades and two others based around their lip products - one about nude and the one I'm going to review, the pinks. 

Within the pink pack you receive five of their pinky toned lip shades.
Butter Gloss: Eclair
Mega Shine Lip Gloss: Beige
Lip Plumper: Pamela
Soft Matte Lip Cream: Istanbul
Xtreme Lip Cream: Nude Peach Fuzz

Left to right (Daylight): Eclair, Beige, Pamela, Istanbul, Nude Peach Fuzz

Eclair: A light dusty pink colour. The Butter Glosses have an amazing formula. It feels so smooth and, you guessed it, buttery on the lips. As you can see they have great pigmentation as it quite easily hides my natural lip colour. I already have a couple Butter Glosses and am definitely keen to get more because I've been so impressed with the quality. Definitely recommend these bad boys. Oh, and it smells like some damn good cookies.

Beige: Unlike the name, Beige is a slightly darker toned pink then Eclair. As you can see if the photo, all the lines, cracks and what not have been completely filled and covered by this lipgloss. It has fantastic opacity and is a lovely, everyday pinky colour to just whip on if you aren't too fussed. I've heard that this formula is a bit hit and miss so I'll be wary if I pick up more, but Beige has been a good introduction to the Mega Shine Lipglosses. One issue... that stank! Terrible smell. 

Pamela: So even though this is the pink toned pack, I was confused as to why they would include a peachy, orange lipgloss? But whatevs. You can see in the picture my lines are emphasised and my natural lip colour isn't camouflaged. The orange tint you see on the gloss in the tube does not translate to the lips much, if at all. This is meant to be a plumper, but I didn't really notice any plumping action on my lips, but I felt the tingle. There wasn't any pain, more of a minty menthol feel to the lips. I really enjoyed it.

Istanbul: In the tube, Istanbul look a lot like a lip cream version of MAC Creme Cup lipstick. I think it goes a little bit darker when you apply it on your lips, but not enough to notice any significant difference. I love the Soft Matte Lip Creams. I already have Istanbul before this pack and I loved it. It works well as an everyday lip product as the matte finish doesn't look overdone or as made up as a glossy lip would look. Two thumbs up for NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.

Nude Peach Fuzz: Istanbul and this one look so similar in the tube, but when swatched Nude Peach Fuzz seems a lot lighter on the lips. I find this looks a little streaky - you can see the streaks around my lip line and near the edges of my lips. This one turns out very shiny as well but it is very pigmented. Like Beige, the smell is terrible. This one is worse though! It's stronger and I can smell it when for a little bit when it's on my lips. Offensive to my nostrils!

Overall, I loved this pack. I think it is great value, only $29 for five full size popular lip products, especially considering Australian cosmetic prices!!! NYX is a brand I have ventured into too much, but the pieces I have tried have made me want to try more (even the stinky lip glosses). I am considering buying the other nude lip pack... does that make me a bad person?

What NYX products have you tried? What do you recommend?

Jacquelyn xxx

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