Easter Haul 2014

April 28, 2014

It may not look like much, but it still hurt my little bank account. On Easter Saturday I decided to go shopping with one of my close friends and let's just say... she's a bad influence!

Left-to-Right: SG Violet Crumble, SG Candy, SG Black Magic, SG Mad About You, 

BB Shocking Matte Pink

Sportsgirl Lipsticks:
I am in love with them. They are smooth, creamy and extremely pigmented. They have a huge range of colours! I have no faults with them. I'm swooning hardcore right now. Definitely pick them up if you haven't tried them before! High end quality for a cheap price! Everyone has always raved about them, but I was always so skeptical about them. But damn... I regret not purchasing them earlier! They are always coming out with new colours so I'll be grabbing a few... on a regular basis!
Price: $9.95 (however sales meant I purchased Black Magic and Candy for only $3.47!)
Boe Beauty - Shocking Matte Pink:
Okay, for $2 a piece... they aren't too bad. They definitely aren't as creamy and require a couple more swipes to get opacity, but in general they're pretty decent. Definitely a good purchase for $2! Not exactly "matte" though... definitely a bit of a sheen still present after swiping.
Price: $2

Left-to-Right: MB Fit Me #330, Savvy Petite Pink, Savvy Heavenly Highlight, Boe Beauty Shimmer Powder, SG Eyeshadow Crayon
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick #330:
I had to go to soooo many shops to find this shade! Everywhere I went there was even none left or someone annoying person had opened them up and swatched them all! Frustration. Anyway... I bought this shade to do some cream contouring because it definitely reminds me of the new Nars Matte Multiples. I've used it a couple times and I love it! It's fantastic. The colour is great and the blend-ability is fantastic. Extremely happy with this.
Price: $15.95

Savvy by DB Cheek Balms:
I read somewhere that the Heavenly Highlight shade is a close dupe to the Benefit's Watt's Up! (can anybody vouge for this???) so I knew I had to hunt it down! I also picked up Petite Pink. I don't really know what I'm going to do with Petite Pink. It seems to be a really light pastel colour, so I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to pull it off as a blusher. I haven't used these, but the texture is really nice!
Price: $3

Boe Beauty Shimmer Powder:
This looked too beautiful in the pan to pass it off. Unfortunately I swatched it and it is verrrrry glittery! I don't know whether or not this is going to look good, I'll have to play around with it a little bit and see what I can do. Snaps to Boe Beauty however for coming out with a highlighter even though most drugstore brands are pretty slack with that area!
Price: $2

Sportsgirl Glide on by Eye Shadow Crayon:
This came down to less than a buck. I can't turn that away. It's not crazy pigmented, but I've seen worse (I'm looking at you, Australis Eyeshadow Cream Duo!). I haven't worn it yet, so can't vouge for it's staying power or any crease issues, but so far so good!
Price: $0.36c or somethiiiing

 Mario Badescu Drying Lotion:
This is a cult product in the beauty world. I've been umming and ahhing about buying it for the longest time and I finally decided to just do it and see how it worked. I've used it once and I think it does work. It seems to shrink my pimples up overnight like a little miracle worker! I'm going to keep testing it out and I'll let you know my final thoughts!
Price: $26.95

Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque:
Now this was an unexpected purchase. I decided to treat myself to a face treatment that might actually help my face since it's been going through a crazy time lately and it's driving me bonkers. This little pretty jar was definitely a pretty penny, but so far I am extremely pleased with it! It's so calming and light on the skin and it smells lovely. Will let you know my future thoughts!
Price: $51

Katy Perry Meow:
I have been wanting this for so long! It smells amazing. Thats all. I'm not good with scents so I can't really describe it. It is sweet and has a vanilla essence to it! <3
Price: $29


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  1. That's a great haul there
    Can't believe the price you paid for sportsgirl lipstick I paid almost $10 each �� are they still on sale?
    I picked up few things a while back from boe and I'm mostly disappointed with everything I have to agree too much glitter in the S powder but for $2 I had no high expectations


    1. I know! They were crazy cheap and they were a couple good colours in the cheap bin! Bargain! I think they are! They are just reduced to clear, so you'll have to try and snap them up!
      Yeah, they have been a couple good things, but generally not so good. I don't mind their matte lip creams, but they are a little patchy :/


  2. What an awesome haul! I am in love with the Sportsgirl Pout About It lipsticks, they are amazing. I think you got a great selection of colours, though I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to wear Black Magic! Also, the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is literally a life saver, have you used it before?

    1. I took forever to get them, but damn I am in love too! Since writing this post, I have bought two more :/ They have soooo many pretty colours, it's ridic!
      Suprisingly Black Magic looks amazing on the lips, I am sure I will find somewhere to wear it... maybe!
      I have only used the drying lotion maybe once or twice and I am really liking it!


  3. Love your haul, that's awesome you got a good deal on the lipsticks. I want to get the Katy Perry perfume too I have a weakness when it comes to cute bottles or packaging and it's not too pricey!


  4. I can't wait to read your review on the drying lotion. Like you, I'm seriously on the fence about purchasing this!


  5. The Savvy highlight and Watts Up are sooo similar! I put a swatch photo up on Insta a while ago, so maybe you saw that?! But yeah, I'm funny about calling things "dupes" but this one is bloody close!

  6. That black one looks amazing! O_O