April 21, 2014

So I've come to the point where I've realised that my collection of makeup is ridonculouuuus. To be honest, I have been collecting a lot of relatively cheap/not so good products and I just want to begin clearing it out, hence why I've called this little series I'm starting NEED TO GO.

I'm going to be using the next eight products pretty much exclusively for the next month and a bit to hopefully use them up or at least make a decent dent in them. A fair few of these items probably should have went in the bin months ago, but I'm a cheapskate and can't bear the thought of bearing wasting money.

  1. Savvy by DB Natural Finish Pressed Powder
  2. Makeup Academy Pressed Powder
  3. Revlon Colorstay (Combo/Oily)
  4. Australis Primer
  5. Daiso Volume Mascara
  6. Model Co Mascara - no idea what one... told you I have had this stuff for waaaay too long
  7. Face of Australia Eye Primer - Matte
  8. Revlon Vital Radiance blusher - Pink Radiance

Revlon Colorstay:
A long time favourite of mine. This is my second bottle and I am nearly finished. This is a shade darker than what I'm used to but I don't think it looks crazy obvious. A review of my last finished bottle was on my last empties post.


Revlon Vital Radiance blusher - Pink Radiance:
This honestly is a lovely shade of pink. It's a blusher made up of 3 different shades of pink that you swirl together. I have an abundant collection of blushers, so I never tend to reach for this one as it can a little bit powdery. I think I picked this one up a long, long, loooong time ago at Cosmetics Plus for about $5. I think it was my first proper blush I ever owned. 

Savvy by DB Natural Finish Pressed Powder:
I think this one is a little bit too dark for me, but I still am making it work by lightly dusting it over my T-zone. It doesn't keep me very matte, but it does give a nice natural finish... as the name suggests... to my face. 

Makeup Academy Pressed Powder:
This one doesn't look dark, but damn, it turns up orange when I dust it over. I'm not the biggest fan. I just want to use it up. Quite happy that this one wasn't expensive.

Top: Model Co Mascara - Bottom: Daiso Volume Mascara

Model Co Mascara:
Eugh, Model Co. Anyone else not feeling this brand? I have yet to find anything that justifies the price you have to pay for their products.  Anyways, I like the way the brush looks, but it does nothing to me eyelashes. I want to play around a little bit further and see if I can get anything from it. Update in my next empties.

Daiso Volume Mascara:
Okay, so this was only $2.80. I can't expect much from it. It isn't the best mascara, but definitely not the worst. Same with the other mascara, I need to give it a better shot and try and work with it. Maybe try pairing the two together?

Left-to-Right: Face of Australia Eye Primer - Australis Primer

Face of Australia Eye Primer:
A full review of this primer will be up next post, so I won't go into too much detail about it. As you can see, it is a very opaque primer and creamy as anything. I've hit major pan so I'm keen to crack into it.

Australis Primer:
Probably the first primer I bought when I didn't really know what primers were meant to do. I hatttte the texture of this one and I think that is why I stopped using it. It has almost a glue type texture with which kind of gathers into balls... but they disappear within the skin almost as quickly as they form. I like the feeling of the FOA primers or the Benefit Porefessional.

Anywaaaays, these are the products I am endeavouring to finish. If there are any changes in my opinions or anything I need to discuss after further use I will update you all during my next empties.
Are there any products you are keen to use up and chuck from your collection?

Jacquelyn xx

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