Velourlips - Hot or Not?

July 24, 2015

When these first came out a couple months ago there was so much damn hype about them! How they were comparable to the Lime Crime Velvetines and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. How the pink shade was crazy bright. Needless to say, I don't have the strongest willpower and I purchased the whole collection. At $9.95 each, it didn't make the biggest dent in my bank account.

I sure you know what I'm talking about. The Australis Velourlips!

Coming in five different shades, these lip creams are labelled a highly pigmented, long wearing lip colour with a velvety matte finish on the Australis website:

I will discuss each colour and at the end I will give an overview of the entire range as a whole.

Par-Ee: This is the most neutral of the entire range. I was quite scared to get this to begin with because the colour in the tube looks quite dark and brown in colour compared to my regular nudes. When applied, however, the colour is definitely a darker nude but it looks great! I've have heard from many of this becoming their new favourite nude, so obviously a popular shade.

Mal-I-Boo: This colour is insane. A blue toned pink it's crazy bright, almost borderline fluro! I've heard a lot of praise for this colour, and I can see why. When you want a bright barbie type lip this would be perfect.

Rio-D: This picture doesn't show the true colour. It looks quite coral in the lip swatch, but it is definitely a true bright orange. Again, another intense lip colour but more unique then a pink colour.

Tok-I-O: Now this one is completely different to what a drugstore brand would release. A darker bright purple. I love this colour. I'm a sucker for purple toned lip colours lately...

Ny-Cee: A true red. It looks fantastic. Very classy. I always love myself a matte red colour over a glossy red. Another intense colour.

 Swatches of all colours completely dry.


  • Opaque
  • Unique colours
  • Long lasting
  • Doe foot applicator for easy application
  • Completely matte finish
  • Patchy - does not give a smooth application 
  • Seeps into lines
  • Sticky for quite some time at first... at least 10 minutes - if you put your lips together... its a mess.
  • Wears off uneven
  • Extremely drying - you will definitely need to exfoliate and throughly moisturise prior!
I do like these, but I don't think they are as "perfect" as everybody keeps on going on about. I would wear them for a short time, but the moisture from your mouth wears off the colour and your lips get crazy shrivelled and dry from them. It was an extremely good effort by an Australian drugstore brand, I hope they bring out more colours because I still plan on purchasing the rest when and if they realease more!

I'd recommend the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams over these, especially for more neutral colours.

What are your opinions on the Velourlips? 


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  1. Great post! I love your blog! I have mal-I-boo and love the colour its really gorgeous, but I swear, the second I lick my lips (its so darn hard not to with how drying they are) the product flakes off! I cant wear it for more than 1 hour need to say!

    1. It's such a bummer, right? It could have been an amazing product! Next time maybe...

  2. I bought "Doo-bai" a bit over a year ago, wore it once and it basically peeled off! I then went on to buy this neon pink and orange above (no idea why)... the things we do in fads!

    For a drugstore price there are far better products out there I agree.

    Maddie |

  3. I personally hate the velourlips! They just do not work for me, and I find them patchy and way too drying on my lips! I don't get why they are so hyped up!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats