Ulta3 Lip Paints

May 12, 2014

If you follow me on Insty (which you should! @heytherejacquelyn) I posted I received these two bad boys in the mail from the lovely Ulta3 team! These have been getting a lot of talk recently in the Australian beauty scene and I have been looking for them for ages but could never find them in the stores. 

There is a total of six shades for the Ulta3 Lip Paints. I received Extreme Pink and Electric Orange - both pretty intense colours. I'm wanting to purchase Manic Mauve and Loud Purple asap!

Extreme Pink
Extreme Pink is a cool-toned bright Barbie type pink. It looks fantastic on. I am a sucker for a bright pink lip. I thought it might be too bright, but it isn't as bright as Australis Mal-I-Boo so it definitely makes it more wearable!

 Electric Orange

I do love my oranges and this is no exception. It is a lovely orange colour. It is bright but muted... if that even makes sense. Definitely wearable, however I do choose the pink over the orange because I stress out about the whiteness of my teeth #firstworldproblems

The formula of these is fantastic, especially for the $5.95 price tag! Look how smooth and creamy they look on my lips! Just so you are aware my lips are hella chapped right now, even to the point of bleeding but these mask it so nicely! Also they smell like peppermint. If you don't like scents you won't like this because the scent is strong, but I love minty smells with lip products. Everytime I put these on I get excited by the smell and sniff them like crazy. I am weird.

I wore these for about 4 hours (no eating or drinking) with no touchups and they stayed well on my lips. They also reapplied lovely, didn't go patchy with reapplication. They don't dry matte or anything and stay on your lips with a lovely sheen.

I can't really fault them!
- Fantastic colour payoff
- Delicious scents
- Smooth formula

Have you tried them yet? Ulta3 is releasing some amazing products lately and I am definitely getting excited!

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. These look so pretty and pigmented and I can't find them ANYWHERE!

  2. Wow that electric orange is something I would never thought I would like but it looks fab! Definitely going to check them out!