Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks + Lip swatches!

June 24, 2014

These have been clogging up my Instagram feed lately, but I just couldn't justify the $24 pricetag at Priceline for a simple matte lip cream/lipstick. Howwwwwever, just as luck would have it, Priceline decided to have a little sale the other week and was selling them for a measly $10! Bargain! Considering I got three for only $6 more than what a single one would cost regularly! Anyway, continuing on from the Priceline sale, let's talk about the product.

Bourjois describes these babies as a lipstick with a bold matte finish and "enhanced" colour, supposed to not transfer and last for a ridiculous 24-hour time period. I picked up three colours; Peach Club, Ole Flamingo! and Nude-ist. There are eight colours in total and a lot of the colours tend to be on the "red" side.

Let's get into it!

(Peach Club, Ole Flamingo!, Nude-ist - no flash)
(Peach Club, Ole Flamingo!, Nude-ist - flash)
Peach Club
Peach Club as the name suggests is the peach shade of the eight available shade - how could I not pick it up? Actually, Peach Club tends to pull more orangey and appears darker than the peach colour you see in the tube. I don't mind it, but I wish it was slightly lighter in colour. This would be a fantastic colour for Summer/Spring time. Bright, bold orange.
Ole Flamingo!
Ole Flamingo reminds me of a raspberry colour. It is a bright, dark pink. I intially wanted Ping Pong, but that was sold out so this was the next best shade. I really like this colour. It looks stunning. Again, another bright shade very suitable to Summer/Spring months. 

Nude-ist appears on my arm swatch as a browny nude, however, when applied on my lips the colour becomes this beautiful mauve pink. So beautiful. My favourite of the ones I chose. It is definitely suitable all year around and is a fantastic everyday colour.  

 Overall I really enjoy these. The pigmentation is fantastic in these. When you pull the doe-foot applicator out of the tube, there is enough product for a full lip application. I find these to not be streaky at all unlike many other matte lip creams I've tried. Also these are extremely, and I mean extremely comfortable to wear! They don't feel drying at all, no matter what stage of the day I am in. If you have dry lips, I still recommend to use lip balm prior, but honestly I found no problem with the feel on my lips. 

Now onto whether they last a long time - I can vouge for them! The above photo is a photo after leaving the swatches on for about 5 minutes and using makeup wipes to remove them. They leave a stain! They do transfer slightly, so be careful with clothing or with giving kisses!
Story time: Yesterday I wore Peach Club and applied it at about 10am and ate burgers, chips, iced coffee and didn't do any touchups the whole day and didn't get home until about 5pm and it was still there! There was still plenty of colour and it was still looking even on my lips. Definitely impressed, guys!

There is one thing that makes me question the Rouge Edition Velvets... one thing I feel could be a deal breaker. The scent. I cannot. No. Omg. Please stahp.
Now I usually am pretty good with scents and they don't usually bother me, but these. My god. Next time you go into Priceline, smell them. To me, they smell like blood. That disgusting metal, rusty smell. And the worst thing? They linger. You can smell it when you apply it and still smell it when it dries for a decent period of time. When I apply these I have to hold my breath. When you are paying $24 for a product, I'd expect a pleasant scent if any!

If the scent wasn't an issue, these would literally be an A+ product!

Pigmentation is fantastic
Smooth and not streaky
Fantastic wear time
Super comfortable wear

Not the biggest shade range

Have you tried these before? What did you think? COULD YOU HANDLE THAT SMELL!?!?

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. The scent sounds horrible! But I do like lip products that last a long time!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. You win some, you lose some! Definitely give them a go next time you go to Priceline and see if you can handle the smell!

  2. The scent sounds really terrible, which is weird because usually Bourjois products smell really nice. I have a blush, bronzer, foundation and lip gloss, and they all smell perfectly edible. But the colours look lovely on you - especially Nudist! And it's great that they wear off evenly. I might brave the scent next time I hit Priceline. :)

    1. I know! They usually have that subtle rose scent... but these omg. I really like the formulas and colour I just am so put off by the smell!

  3. These look gorgeous! It's a shame the scent is so awful! I adore Peach Club! xx

    1. These are my favourite matte lip creams to date, even with the smell... but if they didnt have that smell... perf!

  4. The scent definitely sounds gross but omg Nude-ist is just gorgeous! Is the sale still on? I may have to pick up some of these!

    Brodie|brodu-soup xoxo

    1. I think the sale is finished already, but they have another one on and they have these for about $16? Seriously, just smell them!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I am thinking of getting Nudist after seeing all the swatches. But I will smell them first because I can't handle weird scents.

    1. Yeah, the scent on these is pretty intense. Definitely give it a good whiff when you see them :)

  7. I hate it when a lip product that has a bad smell that lingers. It's right under your nose and it's just distracting! But beautiful colors, though. ^_^

    1. Hahah, exactly. Like it is literally right under your nostrils :P

      I'd love for them to bring out some purples or lighter colours!

  8. I don't think I could deal with the scent, but apart from that, they sound fantastic! ♡

    Eila | theblushingbrunettes

  9. The pigmentation and staying power sounds really awesome! The colours look really great on you as well. Super good and detailed review x3 Too bad about the scent! It's what I love about Mac, their lipstick smells like vanila x)

  10. Apart from the scent this look and sound fabulous. Great review doll :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  11. Such a shame about the scent!! I really want to try these, the colours and pigmentation look amazing. Although I don't think I'd spend $24 on a drugstore lipstick.

    The Sunday Chapter xxx

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