Favourite Brushes Pt.1 - Face

June 18, 2014

I've decided to do a little two part series about my favourite brushes or the ones I use most commonly! First up - face brushes. Anything to do with my base, cheeks etc.

Just a heads up - I purchased all my Real Technique brushes, ELF products and Eco Tools brushes from iHerb! It's a fantastic site and I recommend it because of their variety and also their cheap shipping! I have made like 4 orders through them and will continue to go back! I have a code to get up to $10 off for your first order: VOW650 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush: I wasn't initially going to include this brush, but I realised I hadn't included any foundation type brushes. I will generally use anything to buff my foundation in - Expert Face Brush, F80 Sigma etc. But I had a little bit of a think, and I've come to the conclusion this is probably my favourite of the lot. I think the Expert face brush is a little too dense and the F80 is a little too flat, whereas this is a little domed and curved meaning it goes over my cheeks and around hard-to-reach areas with ease. Definitely recommend this brush, and pretty much any brush from their line!

Sedona Lace 813 Stippling Brush: I never used to use stippling brushes, but the past couple months I have been reaching for them to apply my blush, both cream and powder, and also to blend out any lines created by my contour/bronzer/blush. To be honest, I recommend any stippling brush, but this is just one of the ones I have sitting around. They are good for foundation application if you want a sheerer coverage, however you need to find a good one because they definitely tend to shed a lot!

Real Techniques Contour Brush: This would be a good contour brush because it is slightly tapered and a lovely size to fit within your cheek area. However, that isn't what I use it for. I use it two different ways. The first is to blend out concealer under my eyes. It makes it so smooth, quick and easy to blend it all out and I love it. The density is fantastic as well! The second way is to use powder to set the concealer under my eyes. Perfect size and picks up the right amount of product. You can get right up into the inner corner of your eye so it makes sure you don't miss any areas.

Sigma F86: Another brush I use for concealer under my eyes is this baby. I absolutely adore using this brush. I think it is fantastic and again gets right up into the corners of my eyes. It makes blending out the product so damn quick! I hate using my finger to blend it, but this makes it a dream. If you tend to put too much product under your eyes, this brush helps to minimise the cakiness and really evens it out.

Real Techniques Powder Brush: This brush is huge! I love it. Also soooo damn soft, I can't even. You can use this for powder and whatever, but I tend to use this for my bronzer. I tap this brush into my bronzer and just swirl it around the outside perimeters of my face. This is also fantastic as blending out harsh lines on my face.

Sigma F84: This brush can be used for foundations and everything, and I have used it for that reason before. I use this brush now though for cream contouring. Depending on my mood I will either apply the product to the brush and other times I will draw the product on my face first then blend out. It creates a fantastic, crisp line. In love with this brush!

What are your favourite brushes? Stay tuned for Pt.2 Eye Brushes coming up soon!

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Jacquelyn xx

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  1. I love RT brushes, especially the buffing brush! I started off with ecotools which aren't too bad either :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames