Favourite Brushes Pt.2 - Eyes

July 24, 2015

Here is the second part to my favourite/most used brushes post! I pretty much wear eyeshadow everyday... like, everyday. So I have a fair few brushes to show you...

Just a heads up - I purchased all my Real Technique brushes, ELF products/brushes and Eco Tool brushes from iHerb! It's a fantastic site and I recommend it because of their variety and also their cheap shipping! I have made like 4 orders through them and will continue to go back! I have a code to get up to $10 off for your first order: VOW650 

Sedona Lace EB13: This brush is fantastic for blending our cream shadows like the Maybelline Color Tattoos. The synthetic fibres don't suck up any product so you don't loose the cream. I use this for powders and it does a great job too. It is a great size as well, not too small and not too big for my crease area!

Ebay Blending brush: I purchased two of these online, and omg, they are fantastic. So soft and literally just like a blending brush from Sigma or something... I think similar to the E35 which is slightly bigger than the E25. It does a great job at smoking it out around the crease.

Sigma E25: A very popular brush! A "dupe" to MAC 217 brush etc etc. I love it as well. Smaller than the ebay brush so it is a bit more precise in the crease and allows you to pack more colour into that area. I also use these types of blending brushes to apply shadow to the entire lid if I just want a sheer wash of colour over the lid.

Sigma E40: Definitely my favourite blending brush, even more than the E25. Because of the domed top and the larger size all you need to do it just do windscreen motions and everything is blended out. I have multiple of these and use them everyday!

Sedona Lace EB15: Another crease type of brush. This helps to really make a crisp crease line because of the really fine, tapered tip. So if you want to create a cut-crease, this would definitelly come in handy as it applies the product precisely and the tapered bristles around the outer area help to slightly blend it out! Fantastic!

Sedona Lace Eyebrow brush (?): If you can see the angled side, it's all screwed up and mangled... I obviously don't use that side. I use the spoolie every. single. day. I need it to help my eyebrows look somewhat decent before I start applying product to them! When this gets too nasty I will just switch to an old, clean mascara wand to do the job.

Eco Tools Shadow brush: I have had this for so long... it was part of the first set of brushes I purchased. I love it to this day. I use this to pack on the shadow onto my lid, however, I do also use my finger if I can't be bothered searching for this brush. Oh well...

Eco Tools Angled brush: This is my hands down favourite eyebrow brush ever. Like ever. I have tried sooooo many damn angled brushes to do my eyebrows, but this is my favourite! Perfect stiffness and perfect size... not too fat, not too skinny. I love it and definitely recommend it. I also recommend pretty much any of the eco tools brushes.. all so lovely, soft and great quality. Never, ever seen shedding!

Anyways, that concludes my favourite brush series. I hope you gained some insight into what I like to use and what I think are fantastic!

Just a reminder, if you want to purchase any Real Techniques, Elf products or Eco Tools brushes go to iHerb! Fantastic shipping and American prices! PERFECT.
Use my code to get up to $10 off: VOW650

Jacquelyn xx

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