June Beauty Favourites 2014

June 29, 2014

It's the end of the month already and I have definitely got some new favourites for you all!
Let's get stuck into them!

Clinique - Take the Day Off balm - I purchased this so long ago and honestly just put it to the back of my cleansers and never even tried it. This month I decided I'd whip it out and give it a try and OMG, I absolutely adore this stuff. It gets everything off my face and is even sensitive enough around my eyes to take everything off without irritating. All you do is scoop out a chunk of product and just start rubbing your face with it. I either jump straight in the shower with my Clarisonic to remove it or use some makeup pads. Either way, my skin feels amazing afterwards and it cuts down the makeup removal process! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Lush - Ocean Salt - I decided to treat myself at Lush at the beginning of the month and went with this baby. It smells so lovely, fresh and citrusy. I have heard from other people that the salt exfoliators in it are too harsh for their face, but I seriously just scoop a littler bit out and very gently massage it all over my face and bring it down my neck. It smells amazing and makes my showers a little bit happier! I only use this about 2 times a week, just so I'm not over exfoliating my face! 

Loreal - Lumi Magique Primer - I heard a whole bunch of rave reviews about this product, but I've avoided it because of my slightly oily skin. However, I decided to pick it up as we were getting closer to Winter and I knew my face would slowly start looking dull and the oil wouldn't be as apparent. Anyways, I absolutely love this primer. It really does help to bring a glow to my face and can make a matte foundation look healthy and more like your regular skin. Love the way my skin looks using this stuff.

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade Ebony - Okay, this makes my eyebrow game STRONG. Simple as that. Was definitely hard to use at first because of the very light gel/creme texture but it is honestly worth it. It can give such a sleek edge. I'm trying to use up older products, but I can't seem to put this down. In love.

MAC Enchanted One lipstick - This was a limited edition lipstick released in their Alluring Aquatics line and I knew before the collection was released in Australia that I would be getting my paws on it, no matter what. It is a dark, browny nude - think Kylie Jenner. When I initially looked at the lipstick bullet I thought to myself "THIS IS WAAAAAY TOO DARK". But when I applied it, it is the type of nude that doesn't wash me out or make me look dead. I generally tend to pair this with a pinky gloss to push it more to the pinky toned nude zone. This is a matte formula but it is such a comfortable wear and doesn't dry my lips out.

Stila - In the light palette - A cult favourite in the beauty world, I put off purchasing for the longest time because the colours didn't really appeal to me. But one day I was roaming the Stila counter at Mecca and decided to start swatching the colours and boy, they were good. Have definitely grown to love the colours. My favourite being the obvious Kitten (duh, how can you not love it!).

Top Row: Enchanted One, Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade Ebony
Bottom Row: Stila In the light palette swatches
Thats all my favourites for the month of June! I hope you enjoyed!
What have been your monthly favourites? Have you had any unfavourites too?

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. Great picks! the stila palette is gorgeous and very wearable!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  2. Great favorites! That Clinique cleanser sounds amazeballs! And I've heard great stuff about the L'oreal Primer as well.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Absolutely adoring the cleanser. It just makes everything so much easier!

  3. The packaging of the Mac Lipstick is gorgeous! And

    Kitten is like, the perfect shade. I have actually been eyeing this palette for a while - thanks for the swatches! But I'm thinking I will just buy Kitten on its own.

    Also - is the eyebrow pomade harder to use than powder? It looks a bit intimidating to me. But then again, I am terrible at doing my brows.

    Thanks for sharing your favourites :)

    1. kitten is absolutely stunning. It is veeeeerrrrry soft and creamy, it's actually crazy haha. I will be posting a review with swatches of the palette in the next couple weeks!

      Haha, I think at first it is harder, but it's definitely becoming easier. You shouldn't be intimated! The actual colour of it can be applied quite sheerly! :)

  4. Impressive choices!! I loved Mac enchanted! :)

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    Keep in touch

  5. Your faves all look lovely! I particularly want to try the Lush scrub, and the Stila palette looks so good! The shadows are so pigmented. X

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

  6. Great favourites lovely! I love your blog <3

    1. Ah, you make me blush, girly!

      I hope my blog looks pretty haha!

  7. Oh I love lush products and that beautiful tub is on my wish list aswell as mac lippie and how cute is that stilla palette xx

  8. Great pics :) I also love the dip brow, lumi magique and stila palette! Similar tastes ♡ I had heard some good things about the Clinique cleansing balm & now I'm definitely trying it! Xx

    1. No, seriously. You should definitely try the balm! I only use it on days I've used a full face of makeup because I'm a cheapskate! I've definitely been converted to cleansing balms, I'm going to have to look into other ones! xx

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