May Favourites 2014

June 05, 2014

Firstly, I want to say sorry! The last couple weeks have been hard on me, with final uni assignments due and I'm working more than usual. My whole "beauty" life has been on the sideline unfortunately. If I could do makeup all day, err'day I would, but alas, life is more complicated than that.

Anywhooos, this is my monthly favourites. Better late than never, guys!

Loreal True Match foundation: The hype is real, guys, the hype is REAL. I've been so hesitant to try this foundation, because 1. the price and 2. I've been happy with my collection of foundations. Now, onto what this foundation did. I got great coverage from it and I literally wore it for about 11 hours and it looked AMAZING at the end, not good, AMAZING. I couldn't believe it. My skin still looked smooth, no redness peeking through. Was extremely impressed. 

Maybelline Fit Me concealer: I've been using the Age Rewind concealer for awhile, and decided to give this one a go when Chemist Warehouse had their 50% off sale on cosmetics. I thought it might be a bit too dark or orangey on my skin, but it looks fantastic underneath my eyes! I mix it with a little of my Collection concealer to make it a little "brighter" looking, but it looks great by itself as well. I get creasing, but I generally get creading with everything, so not too much of a big deal. Has pretty decent coverage for such a light formula.

Maybelline Fit Me stick foundation: Now, I wasn't really keen on getting this for it's intended purpose of a foundation, but I did decide to pick it up in the darkest shade 330 to use as a cream contour. I am in love with it. It looks amazing. Extremely natural and with very little orangey bronzer kind of colour. Definitely recommend this if you want to do some cream highlighting or contouring!

Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream: This came with a magazine because to be honest, I probably wouldn't have bothered checking it out because I've got so many hand cream hanging around my house. I really like the way this feels on my hands. It isn't overly greasy, so you don't get that yucky slimy feeling you usually get from hand creams before they sink in. But my favourite thing of this hand cream? THE SCENT. It smells sooo lovely - calming and soft. It reminds me of my mum... but in a good way? 

Face of Australia contour/highlight duo: I was determined to find this. It took me weeks and multiple Big Ws' and Priceline's but I got it in the end. I was seeing and hearing so much about it on Instagram and I knew that I needed to get it. It has a lovely matte contour colour which is on the cooler side of things and a lovely highlight - but we all know, we got it for the contour colour. It's great. Pick it up if you can because it is limited.

NYX Pinched blush: I hear so much about NYX blushes so I wanted to make the most of the NYX sale at Target the other week and picked this blush up. I love it. A slightly pinky/peach tone with gold shimmers throughout. I usually don't like shimmer in blushes, but this one looks lovely applied giving a slight sheen and glow to the cheeks. The texture is quite smooth and creamy and definitely makes me want to pick up more NYX blushes!

Limecrime Cosmopop lipstick: I am in loooooove with this colour. I was avoiding it for so long because usually orangey lipsticks aren't the most flattering on me, but finally decided to cave. It looks amazing. A pastel shade of orange that is smooth and creamy and lasts for a decent time. This is definitely a good starting point if you want to play around with orange lipsticks. I can't speak highly enough about Limecrime lipsticks (not so much about the brand itself... but.... yeah...).

Chapstick Night Repair lip treatment: Okay firstly, this one and the daytime version (which is in my handbag) smell amazing. Like a soft hint of vanilla goodness, I am a lover of sweet, bakery type scents! But anyways, this comes out in a jelly form and spreads evenly over the lips. I don't ind much difference between the night and day versions so I just interchange between the two. In love and can definitely recommend them!

Fit Me (Swatched heavily, blended), FOA Contour duo, NYX Pinched, Limecrime Cosmopop

What have you been your favourites for the month? I'm really trying to use products from my collection for the next coming months, because I've been spending tooooo much lately... just check my insty page (@heytherejacquelyn).

Anyways, until next time!

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. I've recently bought the same Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream and I love it!! It smells so much better than other ones I've tried, hope your uni exams went well I've finished mine so I know hoe you feel! would love if you could check out my blog:)


  2. Hey girl. I love that FOA contour duo as well! Such a good price considering how good I find it for contouring!!
    I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, check it out HERE!
    Sarah | bowsandpleats

  3. Absolutely love that Lime Crime Lippy! Definitely some goodies I'll need to try though :)

  4. Love the NYX blushes also and the Chapstick night repair has been a lip saver!

    Nicole xo

  5. Agh really want a lime crime lipstick cx