Brand Focus: Colour Theory

July 13, 2014

As a fairly new brand of cosmetics, I had only heard of Colour Theory a handful of times. I tried searching for the products to give them a try however, Colour Theory is only stocked in Amcal and Guardian pharmacy and alas, I have none near me! However I was lucky enough to be kindly sent a couple products to test out and I have been pleasantly surprised! I honestly wasn't expecting anything that impressive especially for the price, but wowee, the ones I have tried have been making me want more!

Anyway, let's get into it!

I received five products in total; 2 lipsticks, a bronzer, a nail polish and a nail polish remover. 

Lipsticks - RRP $6

The lipsticks come packaged in a thick, clear plastic and feel quite sturdy. The lids clip on with a satisfying "click" which always makes me smile. I think the packaging is amazing. You can see the colour straight through the packaging and the plastic is thick so it doesn't feel cheap or budget. Definitely not disappointed. Also, another note - these smell like vanilla!

Siren lipstick

Siren lipstick: In the tube this colour looks quite a fair bit darker and looks more like a blood toned red. But when applied to my lips the colour absolutely transforms to a brighter, true red. This applied very easily with no streaks and full opacity. It feels creamy on the lips, however applies with more grip. Not enough grip like a matte lipstick, but enough grip to give you better control during application. This is definitely going to become my go-to red!

Violetta lipstick
Violetta lipstick: When I opened up the package and saw this beauty... my heart start beating a little faster. If you haven't realised, these last couple months I have been obsessing over purple shades of lipsticks. This one again looks slightly darker in the tube, but applies with a much brighter look. Reminiscence of Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn. Absolutely in love with this shade and will definitely be busting it out during this Winter. This applied smoothly and not streaky at all. Colour again was opaque on one swipe.

Overall, I absolutely adore these lipsticks! I definitely need to pick a couple more shades if I see them!
Bronzer - RRP $8

Okay, first can we just take a look at that beautiful embossing?! I am loving the packaging of Colour Theory products. The bronzer, like the lipsticks, is contained in a thick, sturdy, clear plastic. Again I feel like the product is safe and secure. I really like the fact you can see the product straight through the packaging!

Natural Glow bronzer: The bronzer comes in three shades and I'm fairly sure the one I received is the most neutral. Thank goodness, because I am fair as fair. Anyways, the product itself is smooth however, not the butteriest (is that a word?) of powders I have tried although it is definitely workable and easy to use and blend. The bronzer is completely matte as far as my naked eye can see. The colour is sheerer than I expected, but this isn't so much of a bad thing as you can't go overboard and end up looking like an Oompa Loompa. Although in the pan, the bronzer looks relatively neutral, it does have more of any orangey look when applied to the skin but again, not unusable. I generally avoid this for contouring and use this more as a true bronzer to help warm up the complexion. Excited to use this on an everyday basis.

Swatches - no flash
Swatches - flash
Nail polish - RRP $4
These polishes are relatively quite small in comparison to regular sized OPI nail polishes. These only contain 6mL of product, wheras a fullsize OPI contains 15mL. As it is such a small bottle, I do find it a little bit trickier to apply as the brush is shorter in length than what I am used to. 

Cherry on Top nail polish: This is definitely a Jacquelyn colour so was definitely keen to test this one out. It looks like a raspberry type shade of red or as they say... a cherry red. I am extremely impressed with the formula of this! One coat and it was opaque. It wasn't too thick, nor too thin and had an impressive shine all on it's own! It dried faster than regular polishes so another bonus. Overall, I can't fault this polish. It is honestly better than some of my fancier polishes, I know... shock horror!

 Nail Polish remover - ??? I can't find the price anywhere!

After 5 rotations inside!
I used this to remove Cherry on Top and omg, I am impressed. I've always seen these and just thought they were gimmiky, but wow, it actually works. This one is extremely moist so I don't think it will dry out anytime soon. I probably would never have picked this up myself but I'm glad I received it because I am so impressed and might actually switch to this instead of regular removers!

Have you guys ever tried anything from Colour Theory? Is there anything that you recommend I pick up if I find it? I'm thinking about their blushes and their lipglosses!

Jacquelyn xx

* These items were kindly sent for review however this has not affected my opinions on the products

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  1. I tried that nail polish remover when I got dragged to a nail station whilst walking through the shops. The lady grabbed my hand and started shoving my thumb into a container... I was amazed when all the polish came off!! it was mind blowing!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. I know! I seriously thought it would be gimmiky but I'm super impressed!

  2. That nail polish remover looks amazing! I wish I had a store near me that stocked Colour Theory ♡

    1. I know! I don't have one anywhere near me either!

    2. You can buy Colour Theory online from Amcal :-)

  3. Love that kind of nail polish remover, they're so fuss free.
    Wow the lipsticks look like Lime Crime! And the bronzer is a nice shade too. I enjoy the Color Theory Primer, definitely a good brand!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Have you tried the Maybelline one? I've heard heaps of good things about it, but I never bothered with it!

      The lipsticks are phenomenal! They are creamy but not slippery and so opaque! Definitely amazing for the price! OOh, I'll have to find the primer!

  4. I'm still on the fence whether I like the packaging but the lipsticks colours look gorgeous. How long do they usually last? Also I might have to pick up that nail polish remover!

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

    1. I was like that too! But I think the packaging is made better because it is a sturdy solid clear plastic? I intially thought it would be that cheap thin plastic, but it's solid!

      They last a fair while on me! They are creamy... yet they have a bit of stick to them when you apply them so they stay put for awhile on your lips!

  5. That polish remover looks interesting !
    But the lippies are beautiful!
    xo Holly xo