Lime Crime lipstick collection + Lip swatches!

July 20, 2014

I've been asked to do this since I first created heytherejacquelyn, but I've put it off... until now. I have eight Lime Crime lipsticks and I'm going to lip swatch them all for your enjoyment.

Coquette - Pale, peachy nude: When I placed an order for this lipstick it wasn't really what I expected. It came back darker and more brown toned than I thought it would be. I don't think it really is that peachy as they describe it as. Due to the darkness, I avoided using it for quite some time because I felt it didn't suit. However, nowadays I just pair it with a coloured gloss to alter the appearance. The consistency of this one is smooth and creamy. 

Cosmopop - Soft orange: This one is one of my favourites. I absolutely adore the colour. It is a pastel orange colour and I think it quite flattering, even on my pale skin. I use this one quite often although more like a subtle orange tint rather than a full pastel orange mouth. Application for this one is smooth and creamy as well. 

Great Pink Planet - Pastel pink with a neon note: This is definitely a bright pink. I also love this colour. With my pale skin, these colours look good and don't look crazy on me. I know some people find this hard to wear, but I honestly find it quite easy. Simple winged eye and this bad boy.

Airborne Unicorn - Medium purple with a neon note: I don't really think this is very neon. It is bright, but not like cray bright. I wear this one a lot suprisingly. I am loving my purples as I have said many times before. I get a couple strange looks when I use this one, but it's too pretty to resist. Smooth and creamy on application. 

Countessa Flourescent - Cool-based neon pink: This is like the older sister of Great Pink Planet. A little more mature and wearable... well, as wearable as a bright Barbie pink can be. This one is easier for people to wear because it is slightly darker, yet still packs a punch. Again, smooth and creamy. 

Centrifuschia - Bright fuschia: To be perfectly honest, I'm not the biggest fan of these types of fuschia colours. I don't know why, but I just don't find them flattering on me and extremely common on the market. I can't fault the formula but this one definitely isn't my favourite of the ones I own. 

Geradium - Coral-pink: This one is a definite Jacquelyn colour. The colour is beautiful. A coral however, supppper duper bright. It looks extremely flattering on my pale skin and I cannot resist these types of colours. Application is smooth and creamy... just like the rest of them.

Poisonberry - Berry purple: I don't mind this colour. I love purple like I said... but I don't like the formula of this one as much as the others. It's sheerer and not really a "creme" finish like the others I have. Because of the sheer type of formula, it tends to gather in my lip lines and look darker in those areas. I wish they would come out with a dark purple like this colour, except in creme finish. Would definitely snatch that one up!

No flash - same order as above

Flash - same order as above
Smooth and creamy
Unique colours
Vanilla scent (drool!)
Relatively cheap in Australia! ~$20
Dat adorable packaging
Limited colour range - only 18 colours
Lasting power - couple hours max before reapplication
Mostly online, so hard to test products

Have you tried any Lime Crime products? I want to pick up Babette next, but everywhere I go to purchase is completely sold out! Frustrating.

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. What a gorgeous collection! I personally can't pull off any of the shades except maybe Geradium but they are so nice to look at!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. I reckon you could definitely pull of Airborne Unicorn! :)

  2. I really want Great Pink Planet and Countessa Fluorescent. They look gorgeous ♡

    Eila | theblushingbrunettes

  3. I've heard so much about these lipsticks and now I want to try them!

    1. You should! They aren't crazy expensive in terms of Australian drugstore lipsticks!

  4. The colours and formula of these are all very hit and miss. I own all but 3 of the lipsticks and maybe 7 of them don't apply well at all. 5 of them aren't the same colour as what was advertised and the others are the colours I don't really want to wear.

    1. I've heard that! I find that all mine apply really lovely on my lips - apart from Poisonberry!
      I found that Coquette wasn't really like how it was advertised either though :(

  5. Lime Crime lipsticks are my favourite! I love the creamy formula and the pigmentation of the colours. Coquette is probably my favourite - it's the perfect nude for me (although they recently changed the formula which I'm so disappointed about)!

    I really want to try the Lime Crime velvetines next!

    The Sunday Chapter xxx

    1. I have really grown to love Coquette! I am very keen to pick up Babette because I feel it will be better for my ghostly skin!

      And agree! I need to get my hands on them too!! :)

  6. Great Collection! I currently only own one Lime Crime lipstick but I definitely need to get my hands on more - esp Geradium and Centrifuschia! x

    1. You definitely need to! Which one do you have? I seriously need Babette in my life.

  7. Awesome post Jacquelyn! You have a killer collection! I only own Geradium but I love it and now you have made me want more!!! Where do you buy yours from? Is there any stores online that sell them for a decent price without a million dollars shipping to aus?

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. You need more, girl!
      I purchase mine from Beginning Boutique! They have a student discount and generally have discounts (AKA the Shaaaxo code) and have free shipping :)