Savvy by DB Pocket Rock It packs - Review and swatches

July 09, 2014

Instagram has been blowing up lately over the newest releases by the Priceline exclusive brand Savvy by DB. These little packs, smaller than the size of my hand contain two products - new to the brand - for only $5! How could a girl resist? When I went in to my local Priceline there were so many different options it was hard to choose! Products including pigments, blush, concealers, lipstick, lip crayon etc. Everything. I decided upon a blush duo and two pigment packs!

Wildflower/Woods - Glamourama blush duo - Pearl/Copper
Cream - Powder 
Glamourama cream/powder blush duo: I saw a couple different blush shades amongst the Pocket Rock It packs, but this one was too pretty to pass up! The colour of both blushers is a cool toned hot pink shade - I would even go as far to say that it is a fuschia colour. I have so many blushers, but I don't have any colour quite as intense or bright and perky as this pack! Pigmentation is fantastic on both cream and powder. When I use cream blushes they tend to feel sticky or tacky, but this one blends in beautifully and has no stickiness. You can build these up for a more intense fuschia flush or sheer them out for a natural pinky flush to the cheeks.
I am keeeeen to use these! I recommend you pick these up! I might have to go back and have a look at the other blush duos they have!

Wild Flower/Woods
Wild Flower/Woods - Pearl/Copper
Wild Flower/Woods: I pretty much only purchased this for the shade Wild Flower. It look absolutely stunning in the pot -  a pinky gold toned shade that definitely reminded me of a lighter toned MAC Tan pigment. Woods (which you would expect to be a brown or green colour...) is a light purple pigment with obvious glitters in the pot. When I first applied these I was a bit disappointed in the pigmentation, particularly the purple shade which didn't really pack a punch. Wild Flower was pretty, but also sheer. Not the most fantastic. I used this over a primer the other day and it was more intense so hopefully I can get it to work for me. Overall, quite disappointed!

Pearl/Copper: Now, the obvious standout here is Copper. It was the most pigmented of all the pigments I purchased. Copper is a warm toned bronze shade an easy shade to wear in an everyday eye. I was actually quite shocked at how much this colour showed up. Pearl is similar to the other two pigment with a lack of pigmentation. I am disappointed with Pearl, but Copper is a stunner! I feel like Pearl will be a good inner corner highlight as it is light and bright but without being shimmery!

Did you pick up any of the Savvy by DB Pocket Rock It packs? What did you think about them? I'm a bit upset about the pigmentation of the pigments, but absolutely adore the blush duo!

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. I saw these at Priceline the other day I don't know why I didn't pick up any! Wildflower looks so pretty it's a shame about the pigmentation! x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

    1. It's such a shame! Imagine.. a decent drugstore pigment!
      I seriously do recommend their blushers though!

  2. I've only seen these on instagram but what a good deal! The blushes look good. x

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. I love the idea! And I love the variety they decided to include! There is so much to choose from.

  3. I bought the Pigment sets and yes the quality is disappointing but who are we to complain for $5. I saw the blush duo but did not pick it up. Reading your review has changed my mind-tomorrow's first stop is going to be Priceline to pick these babies up.

    1. It's a bit disappointing! But yeah, I definitely am in love with the blushers! So beautiful.

  4. they look nice :)

  5. I will have to check these out next time I'm in Priceline. Great idea for when you are travelling and don't want to pack full size items.
    Great post.
    Aimee :)