Stila In The Light Palette - Review and Swatches

August 25, 2014

I featured this bad boy in a previous monthly favourites post so I thought it would only be fair to dedicate an entire post to the beautiful Stila In the Light eyeshadow palette. This has been a hugely popular eyeshadow palette in the beauty world, but like I said in my favourites post, I hadn't bothered to really look into it because I already had the Naked palette and felt I didn't really need the colours. 

What changed my mind you ask? Kitten, that's what. I went to Mecca Maxima and couldn't help swatching the colours to see if I really was missing out on something. And I was indeed missing out on the beautiful shade that is the ever popular Kitten. A gorgeous shimmery beige colour that is so smooth, so pigmented and just plainly so beautiful.

All the colours in this palette are neutral so a for a neutral eye lover like myself will be overly satisfied with the shadow selection. There are both matte and shimmery shades within the 10 shades - this includes a matte highlight, matte transition colour, matte definer colour and a very pigmented matte black.

Personally and unfortunately, I don't think the creaminess that is felt within the Kitten shade is universal amongst all shades and the Ebony and Gilded Gold shades to be the least creamiest of the shadows, however these shadows are definitely workable and are not unusable in the slightest.

Along with the palette you also get a full size super dark brown eyeliner in the shade Damsel. I personally love their eyeliners and feel they don't smudge throughout the day with my eyes but are super creamy when first applied. Recommend this palette purely just for the eyeliner!

Swatches - Natural light no flash
I do really love this palette and I wish I picked it up earlier. I love the selection of colours they included and I also thank them for creating and entire eye look with matte colours in the palette.

Do you have this palette? Do you loveeeee it?

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. I have wanted this palette for the longest time now!! It's soo beautiful x

    The Sunday Chapter

  2. What a lovely neutral palette! I've eyed it myself just for Kitten! So pretty.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  3. Such an amazing palette. Beautiful swatches too! xx