Urban Decay Naked 3 - Review + Swatches!

July 27, 2014

When Urban Decay first released images on the third instalment of the popular Naked palettes (not including Basics or Flushed) I was gobsmacked at just how beautiful the colours looked. The rosy-gold hues are absolutely gorgeous and extremely popular currently. I purchased this when it was first release whilst I was overseas last year from Sephora but I do know Australians can purchase it through Beauty Bay.

The Naked 3 packaging is similar to the Naked 2 packaging and is a hard metal type tin very suitable for travelling except this one has a wave pattern on the front cover. With the Naked 1 there is only a magnetic type cardboard packaging and this isn't the most secure of packaging. The Naked 3 makes  a satisfying "click" when you close it - thumbs up!

Within the palette there are 12 rosey toned shadows ranging with different finishes. I quite like the consistency of all the shadows except the shade Dust (second from the left) as it is dusty and glittery and tends to create a whooooole bunch of fallout. I generally try and use this with a spray and a very good primer.

Within the palette there are 3 mattes (Strange, Limit and Nooner) with the rest all having some form of sheen or shimmer. I find that Limit and Nooner, even though in the pan Nooner looks a fair few shades darker to Limit, swatch very similar together. It would have been nice to have a really dark matte colour included within the 12 shades. This is a problem I find in all of the Naked palette unfortunately. To be honest, as someone with a very light complexion these shadows look fantastic on my skin tone, however, I struggle to see how these would really turn out on more coloured users! I feel the matte colours wouldn't show up as intensely or as crease colours like they do on me.

Final thoughts on this palette are that the colours are absolutely stunning, the rosey toned shades are definitely right up my alley and I feel they look stunning on my eyes and with my skin tone. I do wish there was a better variety of colours as they do swatch very similar to each other in my own opinion.

Do you need to purchase it? No. Unless you find these colours gorgeous like I do... or you have a problem like I do...

Have you purchased the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette? What did you think of it?

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. Haha I think many of us have a problem with just buying palettes because they look pretty xD
    This is a gorgeous palette, but I'll give it a miss because I don't think rosy tones suit me very much. And I am content with my Naked 2. I was appalled when I saw at one stage Beauty Bay selling the Naked 3 for around $80! I was like nup, no way.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. They upped the prices on Beauty Bay just before Naked 3 was released! It's a little bit of a rip off!
      It a makeup addicts problem!

  2. Great review Jacquelyn 😄 I love the rose tone of naked 3. I reviewed it on my blog awhile ago if you want to see what I think :) ♡

  3. I don't think any beauty blogger needs another eyeshadow palette. But do we get suckered in by the gorgeous shades? Yes! The Naked 3 is just too pretty to resist. ;D

    1. It's a real problem! I need to have some self restraint!

  4. I love this palette so much! I'm actually hesitant to use it because I want it to stay new and pristine forever, haha.


    1. I feel your pain! The new product feeling is too good!

  5. Great review, I love all three of the Naked palettes :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted. Thanks!

    Camille xo.


  6. Ohhh my god, love this palette, I can't wait until they have this in Sephora in Sydney, if they do stock Urban Decay!!

    Lisa | Multitasking Damsel Blog

  7. The Naked 3 palette is definitely one of my all-time faves, I'm pretty fair too so I find the rosy-hues really compliment my complexion well. Lovely review doll! xx

    Love, Ashley Christina