My (very belated) Birthday haul!

August 17, 2014

Sooooo guys, I have been naughty. It was my birthday in the beginning of July and let's just say, I went cray. I bought way too much makeup, but you only turn 21 once in life!

Just a pre warning... this post is definitely pic heavy! Prepare yo'self.

Super BB Cream - Fabulous and Flawless
I picked up these two based on a whole bunch of positive reviews, particularly from the likes of Shaaanxo. 

I've only played around with the Super BB Cream once and to be honest, I'm not crazy impressed. I will need to keep playing with it. I prefer a slightly higher coverage and I feel like this doesn't set when I put it on and I look shiiiinny as foil.

However, it is a completely different story with the foundation. I am really impressed. It has amazing coverage and really looks smooth on the skin. It doesn't last as long as some of my other foundations, but it does look good, so I deal with it!

I picked up three Australis lip liners, all of which were only $1! Bargain. 

Stayput Longlasting Lip Liner - Natural: I purchased this baby because I was hoping for a nude colour, however this turns out as more of a dirty rose colour. It is still absolutely beautiful though. Very smooth and creamy feeling. Haven't used this yet, but am excited to!

Stayput Longlasting Lip Liner - Raisin: Definitely not a colour I would go for, but again feeling the nudes. This colour has more browns and is a bit more of a mauve pink nude. Again smooth and creamy. Bring on dat Kylie Jenner lip.

Lip Pencil - Hot to Trot: This lip pencil looks like a brick red shade except brighter. Don't know what lipstick I will be pairing it with as of yet! I feel this colour is a little "dated" but hopefully I can make it work!

I also purchase three of the newly released (to Australia) Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams! I adore these and plan on owning every single one of these!

Morocco: This is a bright orange-toned red shade and I cannot wait to wear this. It looks gorgeous and bright and beautiful.

Sydney: How can I not pick this colour up? It is named for us Australians! This colour is a very pale cool pink. Very pretty. May look a bit too pale for me, but with a slightly darker lip liner I can make it work.

Cannes: Again with my nudes. This is basically the lovechild of the Australis lip liners in Natural and Raisin. Perfect darker nude shade to rock. 

I also picked up an LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint off of Beauty Joint. 
Babydoll: These feel very similiar to OCC lip tars, if not slightly more sticky. The pigmentation is wonderful and I looooove the minty scent. This colour is a cool toned bright baby pink.

ChiChi Lipstick Hot Mamma: I have been really enjoying the Chi Chi lip product so I couldn't resist this orange toned bright red. Basically the Morocco lip cream except in a different formula.

Essence Cotton Candy: Although this is a bright pink, it seems slightly more muted with darker hues in it. I really enjoy this lipstick. Very glossy but super easy to wear day to day.

Luminoso - Bella Rosa

I picked up two Milani Baked blushers after so much hype through the beauty community. Since purchasing these I have added another four to my collection... woops. Will probably do a blog post in the future of all the ones I currently own... but another day.

Luminso: A cult favourite. It looks pretty meh in the pan, but when applied to the cheeks really does liven up the face. It makes you look so healthy and alive. Definitely worth the hype!

Bella Rosa: This is one of their new-ish matte blushers and I could not resist it. It is an intense darker bright pink and can pack a serious punch! It is so pigmented so a very, very, very light hand is needed when using!

Comfort Zone - Brulee
 Another cult favourite are the Wet n Wild eyeshadows. I decided what the heck, and put an order in for a couple things I've been eyeing off from them. They eight pan palette called Comfort Zone which houses eight quite neautral and muted tones. Definitely beaaaautiful.
I also purchased a single in the shade Brulee and I already love this baby. My next online order will see me picking up a couple more as backups. Perfect matte brow bone highlight. Cannot fault.

All their shadow are unbelievably creamy, smooth and pigmented. Crazy when you think about how cheap their prices are.
Purity cleanser - Trilogy Rosehip Oil
 Can't really say too much about these because I have put them straight into my back up drawer. I have heard heaps about the Purity cleanser and I decided to finally pick it up from Mecca on my birthday trip. I feel like Shaaanxo has also mentioned her love for the Trilogy Rose Hip Oil and my other Rose Hip Oil was beginning to go a bit funny and Priceline were having a sale... so boom, it was mine.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Gimmer Brow - Rockateur

Laura Mercier - Silk Creme Foundation: This has been on my wishlist for quite sometime and I finally decided to purchase it! It makes my skin look flawless. It doesn't last as long as I'd hope but I love how it looks on. I'm not 100% sure this is the right colour match, but I'll just keep going with and I'll see how it goes...

Benefit Gimme Brow: Everyone always goes on about how amazing this baby is, but for the A$32 I was a bit hesitant. I couldn't hold out for long though and picked it up and yep. It's great. 

Benefit Rockateur blush: Everytime I saw this I was thinking meh, it's nothing special. But omg. This is honestly so beautiful. The perfect shade for blush if you are a bit nervous. So natural, but still gorgeous on. In love.

MSF Light - Heroine - Impassioned
Heroine - Impassioned
MSF Natural: I decided to pick this up before they got rid of this packaging and bring in the butt ugly new packaging. I've never tried this before but again, it has rave reviews so excited to really test it out!

Heroine: This has been on my wishlist for ages, but finally I decided to pick it up as I have been looooving purple lips. I wore this the other day for the first time, and I am absolutely in love. This could possibly be my favourite Mac lipstick. I know, massive statement!

Impassioned: This looks soooo bright on my lips. Its crazy, highlighter crazy. I don't know why it's so bright when it doesn't swatch as bright on my hand! I do still really like it and I think it is very flattering, I was just very taken aback by the appearance on my lips!

Laguna - Desire - Deep Throat
My newest Nars babies. Can't even begin to say how much I have been loving Nars lately!

Laguna: The holy grail bronzer everyone always talks about. I have to agree. I've been reaching for it non-stop lately and it gives such a natural bronzed look without being crazy matte and muddy like some bronzers look. Absolutely in love!

Desire: This blush is beautiful and bright. I love my pinks. I find that Nars blushers are quick becoming my favourite blushers ever. They have so much pigment, yet when applied to the cheeks they have a sense of sheerness that makes it look as though the colour is coming directly from you.

Deep Throat: I didnt want to pick this up originally because I already owned Orgasm and I thought the two were way to similar to justify purchasing both, but honestly, I am so glad I did. This colour is like Orgasm, yes, but not as sheeny and shimmery making it so easy to put on everyday. So in love. Punishing myself for not purchasing this earlier!

Anyway, that is my haulage. Since taking these pictures, I have purchased a fair bit more. Problems of a beauty lover!

Some of you may have seen my using some of these products in my #motd #fotd on my insty or swatching... but I'm sorry. I couldn't resist.

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. Happy belated birthday darl! Nothing like a good bday haul, I am going gaga over everything you purchased!

  2. That Australis Hot to Trot lippencil is very very similar, maybe a little more orange than the lip pencil by MAC in Cranberry which is out in the Sharon Osbourne collection. I own both and compared them on the lips, there is just a teeny tiny difference.

  3. Would love to go a huge haul like that. Bank account wouldn't like it though.


  4. Soooo many pretty things! I either have or want almost everything that you've bought! And I think I've finally been convinced to try the Super BB too. Excellent haul!

    Dani | KaBOOM! Cosmetics

  5. Damn gurl this haul is insane 😱 you have so many new goodies to play with! And happy belated birthday, even though I'm sure I already said happy birthday :p

  6. What an amazing haul! Wish I owned a NARS blush! Love Wnw shadows!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  7. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! So many goodies! You definitely deserved to spoil yourself, seeing it's your 21st! Enjoy :)
    Yours Truly, NY

  8. What an amazing haul!!! Those Nars purchases are to die for. I've been obsessed with Nars lately! I've been wearing the NYX soft matte lip creams everyday - so good! x

    The Sunday Chapter

  9. Wooooow awesome haul! I'm so jealous of everything! :D xx

  10. Happy belated birthday! That's an awesome haul. Can I ask where you purchased your milani and wet n wild from? I get mine from Blue Scandal (im based in Melb) and keen to try other places. Thanks!