Makeup Geek eyeshadow review + swatches

September 22, 2014

YouTube made me do it! So everyone and their mums have talked about the amazingness that is Makeup Geek eyeshadows created by the ever so lovely Marlena from makeupgeek on YT. I have always been interested in purchasing them and finally got around to getting six of them a couple months ago (along with a brush and pigment)! I gave myself a little while to have a play around with them and to figure out how I really feel about them - and to be honest... they are fantastic.

I picked up six shades in a range of warm and cool tones as well as mattes and shimmers. All are extremely lovely and the mattes absolutely blew me away!

Latte: This is a cool toned taupe brown in the pan, however it turns out to be warmer when applied to the skin. Love this colour as a crease shade as it is the perfect depth to add a true shadow. When looking closely at the shade you can see very, very, VERY tiny shimmer specks within the shadow, however they definitely don't translate onto the skin.

Unexpected: This shade is a mauve purple toned matte shade. Another shade that is deep enough as a crease shade, however, this one can be built up for a more intense purple outer corner. This one paired with the Naked 3 is peeeerf. I don't reach for this one as much as Latte as it is cooler and I generally prefer warmer shades.

Cocoa Bear: This is probably one of the most talked about shade by MUG, and I can see why. This is an extremely warm toned, reddy brown colour. I didn't think it would be as dark as it is, but it is extremely lovely paired with Latte and Peach Smoothie. A perfect match with a warm toned eye look! 

Peach Smoothie: This is the bombdotcom. This is perfect for a warm eye as the transisition shade. It helps to blend all the colours together so nicely and helps to easily transition to my skin colour. It is a peach, cream shade. Cannot recommend this enough. I loveeee this shade.

Moondust: When you look directly at the pan it looks like a silver shade, however in different lights it shines purple, sometimes goldy. It really is a unique colour and I really love the way it looks. However, like I said, I prefer warmer looks so this cool shade does not get the love it deserves from me!

Cosmopolitan: Now, this... this is my baby. It is a pinky, gold, orangey, bronze colour. So hard to explain, but oh so gorgeous. It swatches very orangey or rose gold like on the hand. Literally one of my favourite eyeshadows (EVER). In some lights it catches more gold and look so gorgeous. I can't even explain. I reach for this one so often, it's crazy. So beautiful. Definitely recommend if you enjoy warm shades!

Anyway, I adore MUG shadows. Like, I honestly find them so amazing for the price. They are creamy and smooth and strongly pigmented. Was not expecting as much creaminess as they deliver. I think at first they weren't as creamy, but once you gets past that top layer... peeeerfect.

Which ones do you recommend I purchase in my next MUG order?!?

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. They all look so gorgeous! I might have to place an order, even though I just purchased 5 new eyeshadows whilst at IMATS. Oh well ♡

    Eila | theblushingbrunettes

    1. You can never have enough eyeshadow ;) I am holding back on making a second order!