Milani Baked Blush review + swatches

October 22, 2014

So I went from zero to six in the space of a month. Woops #sorrynotsorry. These are the glorious, hyped up Milani Baked Blushers. They are Instragram famous, YouTube famous, beauty famous. I purchased these because everybody keeps talking about them and I totally needed to purchase a whole bunch of them...


Luminoso: This is the most popular of shades and I can understand why. It's one of my absolute favourites as well. It's basically like a soft orange creamsicle colour. There are very fine shimmers running through the powder and it gives the cheek a lovely gold sheen rather than glittery shimmer - similar to that of NARS Orgasm. This one is very smooth, not powdery and pigmented!

Corallina: In the pan, this one looks a bit scary. It is a very bright looking orange coral with veining of white and warm orange running through it. This one has silver shimmer running through, however, unlike Luminoso the glitters can be clearly seen during swatch. In the swatch the colour looks a bit more pink and red than Luminoso.

Berry Amore
Berry Amore: This one is super pretty but probably something I wouldn't initially go with as it looks quite "boring" in the pan. I always seem super attracted to bright colours. This one is a light dusty purple pink shade with bronze/gold veining. In the swatch the colour is a more neutral than Luminoso but still with the golden sheen to it. You can see a few specks of the gold glitter within the swatch. 

Dolce Pink
Dolce Pink: This is another one of their popular ones. This one is dusty pinky/purple shade, more intense than Berry Amore with golden glitters throughout. I find this one less pigmented than the other blushers but perfect for a sheen on the cheeks. This one has more obvious golden glitters as well as a golden sheen to it.
Red Vino 
Red Vino: Another scary one. This one is a dark, brick brown red colour mixed with golden veining and darker veins. I can't really pull this off with my fair skin, but I feel on darker skin tones it would look stunning. This is a very intense red colour and has a golden sheen again (Milani realllllly likes the golden sheen and shimmer) with golden shimmers that are obvious in the swatch. 

Bella Rosa
Bella Rosa: This is one of the newest Milani Baked Blushers and it is one of the matte versions. I probably should have gone with the lighter one.. because this one is fairly dark again on my fair skin. This is a darker rose coloured shade. There is no shimmer or veining, but it doesn't have that flat matte look other matte powders have. I do think it's very pretty and hope they bring out more matte shades!!!

I find the quality quite consistent throughout all the blushers I own and am always eager to expand my little collection of the baked blushers. I plan to own them all one day... #bigdreams.

Out of my entire collection, I think these are my favourite drugstore blushers!

Do you own any of the Milani Baked Blushers? Which one is your favourite?

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. So pretty! I only have Luminoso and I didn't really want more, but now that I see the different shades, I change my mind. Especially berry amore. Thanks for the review!

    1. Berry Amore is literally gorgeous! I have heart eyes everytime I see it, it looks that stunning!

  2. Your swatches make me need all of them :) Great review xx

    1. GET THEM ALL. I need to build my collection hahah

  3. Red vino looks Amazing !
    Thanks for this review.
    I really like your Blog ! So sweet

    1. Red Vino is intense! I wish I had darker skin to pull it off better!
      Thank you!