Whitening Lightning/Gerard Cosmetics lipgloss review + LIP SWATCHES

October 05, 2014

Every beauty blogger/Youtuber has talked about these lipglosses! I honestly thought it was all because off affiliate programs or deals, but of course I was suckered in...
If you follow me on Insty (@heytherejacquelyn) you would know I adore these and generally throw them on nearly every Makeup of the Day posts I show! The formula ticks all the right boxes for me and the colour range is phenomenal. I also find the customer service fantastic! I put off purchasing these until the beautiful Jaclyn Hill collaborated with them on two lipglosses and that was that!

These smell reallllly nice. Like I can't quite put my finger on the scent... but it seems like a mixture of citrus and vanilla. Not as sugary sweet as the NYX Butter Glosses.

I find there to be fantastic pigmentation throughout all the lipgloss colours I have. Some are sheerer than others but nothing that is disappointing. I don't find them to be crazy sticky, but they still have a bit of a stick to them which encourages them to stay longer on the lips which is always a plus in my books!!! 

Rose Hill
Rose Hill: The first of Jaclyn Hill's lipglosses. I thought this would be a lot more subdued but it is actually quite intense. It is a nice rosy shade, however like I said a little darker in colour yet still bright in tone. I do really like this on top of more mauve toned pink lipsticks!

Buttercream: This is a true gem! This reminds me of a gloss form of Creme Cup by MAC. It is a nice cooler toned cream pink shade and looks fantastic over really nude shades to give it a bit more colour and life. Love this baby and definitely one of my favourites and most used.
Nude: I was really excited to get this one because every talked about it as the best nude gloss ever, but unfortunately... I wasn't crazy impressed. I find it looks a bit odd on my skin tone. This is similar in shade to Buttercream however warmer in tone. I think if you like peachy nudes this is definitely the lip gloss to top your favourite nudes.

Coral Craze
Coral Craze: This is another favourite of mine and is similar to Nude however lighter in shade so I think it suits my lighter complexion more. It reminds me of a light, creamsicle orange shade with just a touch of pink to make it more a peachy coral shade.

Fiji: This is a super bright, highlighter cool toned pink shade. This looks amazing over lipsticks or alone because it is jammed packed with pigment. This reminds me of a Barbie shade and again, I think it suits my lighter complexion! If you like a bright pink lip, this is the one for you.

Pink Tiara
Pink Tiara: Another favourite colour to me! This is similar to Butter Cream however it has a slight hint of more pink in it. This isn't as cool toned as Fiji. I love this over nudey pink lips to give it a bit more life and colour.

Bermuda: This was probably the most disappointing for me, but I think that's just because the purple shade isn't as bright as I'd hoped when I ordered it. The formula is consistent with this one as well. This remind me of a purple grey shade rather than just a straight purple.

Bahama: This also wasn't the best as I found this to be a little bit streaky unlike my other glosses. The colour is a very light, sea baby blue shade. I wanted to purchase a super fun colour and this definitely is it. This one loses it opacity a bit when applied onto your natural coloured lips. I also unfortunately have a dud packaging, and the light works occasionally and the doe foot applicator wobbles a bit when applying!

Overall, I am in love with these lipglosses. I definitely recommend their more wearable shades and I cannot wait to pick up some more! I have my eyes set on Sugar Mama, Shimmer of Hope and Wild Orchid next!

Have you purchased any of the Whitening Lightning / Gerard Cosmetics products before?
Jacquelyn xx

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  1. Wow these look amazing! I really want to try these out now! xx

    1. You definitely should! I recommend them so highly!

  2. You have a great color collection!
    I recently made my first purchase with the line and after the first one I now have a total of 9 hahaha. :-)