How to contact MWA!

November 20, 2014

Hey, so I thought I would do a quick little post about the multiple points of contact I currently have.

1. Duh, the blog. You can comment on any of my posts and generally I will reply answering your queries!

2. My email. - generally, this is only used for PR/Business purposes.

3. My Insty@heytherejacquelyn I am most commonly found on here and love to chat to EVERYONE! I publish some pretty pictures and post up anything I find interesting! This is the best way to try and contact me because I am always on!

4. My YouTube! I don't post videos (as of yet) but one day... Feel free to subscribe to my channel for future possible videos! heytherejacquelyn

5. Finally... I have set up a Facebook page! heytherejacquelyn - I plan on posting up here links to my blog posts and sales and interesting things I come across etc. 

Anywaaaays, these are the ways you can chat with me! Would love to really get to know the people I'm writing to ;)

Jacquelyn xx

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