Naked palette + possible dupe?!?!

November 05, 2014

Definitely the most mentioned palette in the beauty world is the Urban Decay Original Naked palette. It has spawned many "dupes" and even fakes if you search hard enough. A perfect collection of 12 neutral eyeshadows that range from shimmer to matte, from beige to black allowing you to create whatever neutral eye look your heart desires. But is it really worth that hefty ~$82 pricetag on BeautyBay? Especially if you can get your hands on a decent dupe for a fraction of the price?

The dupe in question is the MUA Makeup Academy Undressed eyeshadow palette which can be purchased direct from their website for the teeny price of ~$7.

Packaging: The UD palette is contained in a velvet feeling cardboard type magnetic box. It also has a relatively large mirror and provides a single sided makeup brush (+ you also receive a sample size primer potion). It isn't the safest or sturdiest with the paper lining on the inside already starting to loosen from the container. As it is only a magnetic closure it may become an issue if travelling as it could just shoot open. The MUA palette is a plastic, quite cheap feeling container. It has no mirror. It does snap shut, however the hinges are not strong and the plastic is quite thin.
Each shadow in the UD is 1.3g with MUA being 0.8g.

Shadows and comparison:

Virgin: There is very little difference between these two shades. The MUA shade is slightly more powdery and a hint more pink. The difference really isn't noticable.
DUPE? I am happy enough to say YES! These produce the same effect on the eyelids.

Sin: Again I can see a touch more pink within the MUA shade with UD shade being slightly more peachy in tone. Again, MUA is more powdery.
DUPE? YES! I again think they pull the same on the eyelid!

Naked: This one is one of the biggest differences. Not so much the shade... more the pigmentation. I find UD to be slightly warmer, whereas the MUA is quite cool and taupey, more like a grey. Unfortunately a bit of a disappointment. 
DUPE? NOPE, unfortunately the pigmentation lacks tremendously (the above picture is using a primer).

Sidecar: These two are soooo similar. I actually like the MUA shade better because it is less chunky. UD is slightly more gold toned, whereas MUA is more bronze toned. Very subtle.
DUPE? YES! I really love the MUA version and I feel they are very similar. The above swatch does not show the truth! :P

Buck: I think the UD shade is slightly warmer but the MUA shade like the other matte, struggles to perform. It is powdery and lacking in pigmentation. Not the best formula either...
DUPE? NO I definitely hate the matte formulas in the MUA palette.  

Half Baked: One of the most popular shades, these two versions are another super similar shade! Slight variances in the warmth of the shadow with MUA being a touch more bronze in tone - however, both are gorgeous!
DUPE? YES, they both pull the same on the lid. 

Smog: MUA is slightly more warm in tone again, but the two are very similar as well. The naked eye would not be able to notice the difference.  
DUPE? YES, the difference in warmth is barely noticeable. 

Darkhorse: I can basically tell a diffence between these two! If anything, MUA has less golden shimmers when applied to the skin. I think MUA may possibly be cooler than UD. 
DUPE? YES, can barely notice any differences!

Toasted: MUA is a little more pink and lacks a little in pigment surprisingly. The difference again is very minimal though other than the pigmentation. 
DUPE? I would say.... YES. 

Hustle: UD is more purpley, with MUA being more bronze. Both are gorgeous colour but not a complete dupe. Very subtle differences, but not really the same "effect"!
DUPE? NO, only because it means the MUA palette lacks a purple toned shade!

Creep: UD is less pigmented and shows more grey than black like the pan. MUA has less shimmers present and is more powdery. It can also be a bit patchy.
DUPE? NO, there are too many differences - less glitter, more pigment.

Gunmetal: Very similar. Cannot see a difference in the colour. MUA is more powdery.
DUPE? YES, there are no substantial differences!

So overall, I think this MUA palette is an absolute gem and a very close dupe of the Naked palette. If you want to at least try the shades of the palette without splurging on the original, the MUA version is definitely the best way to go! I purchased it as my trial palette and absolutely loved it to death so I ended up purchasing the original. I still reach for this quite often because I find the quality of the majority of the shades (minus the mattes...) to be outstanding and the colours beautiful.

Have you got any Naked dupes? Have you tried this MUA palette?

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. I'm surprised how similar some are! I have the MUA palette already and have been thinking about splurging on the Naked palette, however, I'm not too sure if it's worth the $82! X

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

    1. I don't know if it's even worth it. The price is ridic!

  2. The pricing on the UD palettes are completely insane, it was hard to part with that much money for the Naked 3 even though I absolutely love it hehe. For $7 for a palette that is such a close dupe for the original Naked, you can't really go wrong! xx

    Angie || the maquillage

  3. Lately I was really drawn to Naked palette, and it was my last addition to UD palette collection! I love Toasted shade, so much I've hit pan on that one in the MUA alternative - yes I have it too, for £4 it would be rude not too!

  4. Hey, I tagged you in my Beauty Blogger Tag Link: x