Get your pamper on! HARBOUR DAY SPA!

April 10, 2015

The other day, the lovely Emma and I were invited to experience a day of luxury at Harbour Day Spa in Cleveland, about 30 minutes from Brisbane city. We were treated to the Autumn Spa Luxury Package and boy, did it deliver!

When we arrived we were greeted by some lovely ladies and had the opportunity to drink their gorgeous looking Raspberry and Lime tea!

The general look of the spa was gorgeous. It was instantly relaxing when you walk through the doors. As soon as I walked in, I was captivated by the homeware/gift section they had. I have never see so many lovely smelling candles in my life. There was one in particular called Bakery Cupcake I think... #praisethelord.

After that we were quickly shown into some change rooms and asked to change into a robe and some little thongs, preparing us for the amazingness to come!

To begin the entire treatment, the girls at HDS had to find our my skin issues in order for them to use the correct products to treat my skin. It's basically a high-tech machine that takes a HD photo of your skin and determines what your skin problems are (ie. redness, blocked pores, wrinkles, texture). Basically, the biggest issue I had were my pigmentation (freckles, duuuuh) and a slight unevenness of blocked pores on my cheek. Jess encouraged me to use a facial peel to really help combat the texture of my skin, but I politely declined because I had some peels at home that I would use!

Onto my favourite part. The pampering! Both Emma and I were brought into this gorrrrgeous double room and received a lovely foot scrub by our two girls.  It felt so amazing and my feet were feeling gorgeous afterwards!

Next up: Massage time! We stripped off and laid face down into the beds whilst the ladies, mine was Jess, proceeded to massage away all our troubles. I asked Jess to particularly focus on my upper back and shoulders because that is where I tend to receive the most tension from computer use and studying. The massage itself was amazing, I was so relaxed from the warming oils, and then, the best part, HOT STONES. Sweet lord, it was phenomenal. I couldn't get over how amazing the hot stones felt being rubbed and massaged into my back.


After the massage, we received a full facial using some amazing products from Cosmedics. My face afterwards felt phenomenal, so soft and supple. It was definitely a luxurious pamper.

The last step in the whole pampering session was a coconut scalp treatment and massage, which was honestly ahhhh-mazing. I love getting my head massaged, so this was definitely something I was keen about!

Following the pampering session, we (unfortunately) got changed back into our clothes and made our way to the salon section of the spa. The ladies at HDS emphasised that they feel it is important for you to feel gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside. I chose to get some loose glamour waves, as I've never really curled my hair before. Following a full wash and blowdry, my stylist styled my mop of hair into something I was blown away with! It felt amazing and looked just as amazing!

I feel I should mention that they also have an extremely cool looking barber area for the males! Definitely would bring Daniel here, it looks trendy as hell!

The final step in the entire spa experience was a quick makeup look using some amazing Curtis Collection products (which I already love and use at home!).

They also sell some ABH products!

Overall I was so impressed with the entire spa experience at Harbour Day Spa (check our their website here!) and I want to thank all the ladies that helped us have an amazing and relaxing experience. I will be definitely be going back again, and I'm planning on returning after my final semester at uni forever as a kind of treat to myself!

Thanks to Emma for coming with me and making it super fun too! X

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  1. Aw this looked amazing!!! Unfortunately I live super far away and don't think I will be able to take up this offer in time but you both look lovely and it sounds so nice. I hope I can get out there one day! xx Great post!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  2. Aww this sounds wonderful! Lucky girl! xx

  3. This looks like so much fun, lucky ladies you two! I've always wanted to try a hot stone massage, bet it was amazeballs!

    P.s: Your hair looks sexy as hellll.

    Daniela |

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing time and it looked so relaxing! You hair looked fantastic as well. xx

  5. Wow that was such a head to toe spa treat! Love how your hair looks. Never had a hot stone massage before but want to try it out.

    Would love if you check out my blog! :)
    Raincouver Beauty