Beauty Blender | Review + Tips!

July 24, 2015

The original Beauty Blender has been much talked about in the beauty world within the last couple years. Praised by vloggers and bloggers alike, and honestly... I was skeptical about what this ridiculously overpriced sponge could potentially do for my face base! Retailing at approximately $20, that is a lot for something that seems exactly the same as your kitchen sponge.

But you know me! I bought it to give a try last year but never really bothered to use it until the last couple months. AND GUUUURL. I should have used it earlier.

Left - Wet; Right - Dry
Basically the BB is a soft, bouncy sponge that you are able to use with any cream or liquid products. To use the BB you MUST completely saturate the sponge and squeeze out the excess. This is crucial... using any liquid products on the dry sponge is going to be hell. Don't do it. Just don't. Squeezing out the excess water is also crucial. I think I didn't squeeze out the excess when I first used it and ABSOLUTELY HATED it. It made my foundation so wet and my face was basically a hot mess. When wet and squeezed, the BB will expand to about double the size of the dry sponge.

In order to use the BB, you simply need to dot the product all over your face and use the sponge to "bounce" the product into the skin. This technique really pushes the product into the skin, whilst still providing fantastic coverage. As the BB is wet, this assists in stopping the sponge from absorbing all the foundation and product you are using. Additionally, as it is wet, the BB is perfect for use with thicker products like the Revlon Colorstay and Estee Lauder Double Wear as it helps in sheering it out slightly and adding more moisture into the product. 

I honestly find using the BB to be one of the quickest methods for foundation application as there tends to be no streak marks or lines that you get from using a regular foundation brush.

The BB is surprisingly NOT just for liquid and creams. I was mucking around with my application one day and decided to use my wet BB that I had just used with my foundation and concealer to apply powder and oh sweet baby cheese. I will never look back. This method provides the most flawless and smooth appearance on my face. This is particularly great for undereye concealer as the sponge really pushes the powder into the skin and stop creasing from occurring under the eye. 

A little added note; I also use the BB for blending out blushes (both cream and powder), BAKING and bronzing. It is most versatile item in my makeup collection!

Do I recommend purchasing the original Beauty Blender? YES, a million times YES. I have never tried a "dupe" but I have heard terrible reviews and because of that I will never stray from the original. I choose mine 8 times out of 10 because it honestly gives me the most amazing results and I cannot fault it. 

Watch the video below to see the original Beauty Blender in action in my drugstore, full coverage, flawless foundation routine (

Until next time,
Jacquelyn xxx

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  1. I never really bought into the hype about beauty sponges - I had the RT one but only used it occasionally and reached for my brushes more. I recently picked up the black Beauty Blender and I've been reaching for it a lot - super impressed!

    Ash /

  2. Great review, where did you get yours from??

  3. There's legit nothing better in the makeup world than a beauty blender hahah x

    Katina |

  4. I only tried the BB earlier this year and I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner. It's fab! Great review babe.

    Daniela |

  5. Wow Interesting. That's really very nice. Beauty Blender, the little spongy hot-pink egg that has flipped and reversed our whole makeup method, in the best way possible. Check here for Beauty Blender Dubai & Buy Cosmetics Products Online