Brisbane Estee Lauder Corporate Store HAUL!

July 03, 2015

I was super lucky enough recently to attend a night at the Estee Lauder Corporate Store here in Brisbane! I've been wanting to gain access for literally over a year, and it just so happened my partner now has access and they were hosting an event where I could tag along.

The corporate store basically has a whole bunch of random MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinque, DKNY, Estee Lauder makeup, skincare and perfume that is about 40% off RRP. This is basically a makeup lovers dream. There was a lot of LE products that are no longer being sold in stores or at counters.

I didn't buy as much as I wanted to... but I still spent lottsa money.

Pretty Coral, Camel, Rose Gold
Prior to this, I had never used Bobbi Brown products because they are ridiculously overpriced here in Australia. I saw the Bobbi Brown stand inside and instantly rushed over to see what goodies I could snag. The first product I chose was the blush in Pretty Coral (a lovely matte pale pinky peach  - $26 RRP $44) which has already become a favourite in my MOTDs on Instagram. The two eyeshadows I chose were Camel (a khaki green brown shade, literally love to use in the crease) and Rose Gold (a darker rose gold mauve shade - $26 RRP $40)

Next up I hit up the MAC section and made quite a few purchases, unfortunately no lipsticks because I wasn't feeling the weird LE shades they had. The first product I chose was a Pro Longwear blush in the shade Fleeting Romance (a warm red pink shade - $26 RRP $43). I then picked up the Select Cover Up in NW15 which I always see NikkieTutorials using. It's basically a very thin liquidy concealer but it really does brighten up under my eyes ($19 RRP $32). I have never used a MAC eyeliner before but decided to pick up the Technakohl Liner in the shade Risque (a very light nude shade - $21 RRP $35). This seems super smooth and creamy, unfortunately I think it is limited edition because it doesn't seem to be on their website anymore??? Another product I've never ventured into is the MAC lipglasses but when I saw they had Candy Yum Yum in a lipgloss form I couldn't resist! This is super duper bright and intense but it feels lovely and I can't wait to wear it! ($21 RRP $35). The final thing I purchased from MAC was another eyeshadow to add to my custom palette in the shade Mulch. This is a rich bronze chocolate shade with gold shimmers throughout. I love this colour to just go all over my eyelid ($16 RRP $26).

That was all I actually purchased, but the lady serving gave me this Clinique Superbalanced Powder Bronzer in Bronzed 2 for free as a gift! YAY! This is one of those shaving types of powder where you have to grate the product off to be able to use it. this bronzer is superrrr warm toned and has very slight gold shimmer throughout it. I'm going to play around with this and hopefully make it work!

I hope you guys enjoyed my Estee Lauder Corporate Store haul damage! I really enjoyed it and definitely would love to go back when I'm rolling in money and can really let my self go.
My favourites from the haul have to be the Bobbi Brown blush in Pretty Coral and eyeshadow in Camel + the MAC Select Cover Up concealer. So keen to play with these babies more!

Have you been to the Corporate Store before? What did you purchase?

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. So many goodies! I'm very jealous of your ability to go to the Corporate store, it sounds like the stuff that dreams are made of! Your Bobbi Brown purchases are seriously lovely, I love my BB blushes that I have :)

    Ash /

  2. Amazing haul! I will make it my life's mission to go to one of these events haha! The Bobbi Brown shadows look beautiful. x

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