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July 17, 2015

If you know me, you know my favourite makeup items to collect are face powders. Highlighters, bronzers and of course, blush. I cannot help it, I think they are the most beautiful items. NEVER have I ever actually hit pan on any single blush I own.

Some of my absolute favourites blushers are those by MAC. All six of the blushers I own from them deliver in terms of pigmentation and texture. These babies will set you back anywhere between $41 to $45 in the Australian market. Do I think they are worth it? Yes!

Warm Soul is a mineralised blush described as a mid-tone beige with a gold pearl. In the pan it is a very neutral peach apricot shade with a whole bunch of micro gold shimmer throughout. This is one of my all-time favourite blushers in my entire collection. It gives the most natural flush and glow and suits basically any type of eye look. 

Gentle is a mineralised blush described as a raspberry with a gold pearl. In the pan this a purple cool-toned blush, very plum in appearance. This also has a lot of micro gold shimmer throughout. I honestly don't reach for this enough because it is quite cool so I can't figure out whether or not it suits me at all. If you are into glowy plum blushes, this is definitely a winner.

Pinch O' Peach is a sheertone blush described as a warm peach. In the pan, this blush is darker warm pink. It is completely matte and is EXTREMELY pigmented, be careful. Unfortunately this particular colour is discontinued now but this is honestly one of my most used MAC blushers because it is so flattering and easy to wear. This one in particular blends out like an absolute dream. 

Fleur Power is a satin blush described as a soft bright pinkish-coral. In the pan, this blush is a darker neutral peach pink shade and is absolutely gorgeous. It is completely matte and has an extremely creamy texture. This would be a perfect everyday kind of blush. Another of my favourites. I use this one quite regularly as well. 

Fleeting Romance is a Pro Longwear blush described as a coral blush. In the pan, this blush is a matte, reddy pink shade with warm undertones. It has the slightest hint of brown in the colour. This is the newest one to my collection, but it is a lovely addition. As it is a Pro Longwear blush, this is meant to last a ridiculously long time on your cheeks, so I recommend it to anyone that struggles to maintain a cheek colour over the day. 

Melba is a matte blush described as a soft coral-peach. In the pan this is an apricot peach colour and is 100% matte! This is my absolute HG of blushers. I love this one more than any other blush in my collection. It is the easiest and most flattering blush I own and similar to Warm Soul, can be paired with a large variety of eye looks. This is a very brightening and awakening kind of colour and perks up your complexion. If you are new to the world of blushers and you prefer warmer tones, Melba will be your BAE. 


I hope you enjoyed reading about my small (but continuously growing) collection of MAC blushers! These are some of the creamiest, smoothest and pigmented blushers I own and I recommend each and every one of them to you if you are looking into making a MAC blush purchase.

In case you are wanting to do a bigger purchase I highly suggest you look at purchasing through USA MAC and getting it forwarded here. You can read about my experience and the costs here!

What's your favourite MAC blush???

Jacquelyn xxx

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  1. Oooh! I already love Warm Soul but Melba looks amazing too! What a nice everyday shade. I have a blog post coming up with my MAC blush collection as well! Great minds :)

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  2. Melba is LIFE!!! It is my most reached for shade too! I also love, Peaches, Cantaloupe & Peony Petal!! I love the look of Warm Soul and need to pick it up ASAP!!

    Mel x | Loads of Lifestyle

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  7. Warm soul has been on my list for so so so long! x

    Katina |

  8. I NEED Warm Soul in my life and Fleur Power and Melba and omg all of them let's be real...

    Ash /