Tuesday Thoughts #2

July 07, 2015

I like doing these weekly post because I find it allows me to express myself and talk about what I feel and blah blah. Literally like an actual private journal. Anyways, this week wasn't too bad.

I am starting to get better. As I am writing this I am nowhere near as ill as I have been. My actual flu is going but I have been left with a pretty frustrating and constant cough with yuck stuff. Just not fun and I want it to hurry up and disappear so I can enjoy what is left of my university holidays.

Speaking of uni, I am going to return the week beginning the 21st of July. I literally have one subject, three contact hours at uni and that's it. I'll be graduated. Honestly though, I'm terrified of graduating. I've applied for a number of graduate jobs and have been unsuccessful and it is really making me hella depressed and drained. Not really sure where I want to work because I feel so lost with all my choices. I also need to find another internship for this semester in the marketing division, but again... finding one is hard in itself. I also received my marks back and am so pleased that I managed to score two distinctions and one high distinction. Satisfied.

I cut my hair the other week and am now finding myself having to actually style my hair everytime I want to leave the house. Argh, it's honestly a mission because I am the WORST hair style kind of person ever. I am actually literally terrible. I am thinking I am going to do a blog post about how I style my long bob haircut - the products and tools I use. Opinions?

It was my birthday on Sunday and I turned 22. Yuck. Heading towards my mid-twenties and that is the most depressing thought. My actual birthday was the best one I have had in the longest time. Breakfast with Daniel then went to the dog park with my friends and their husky and then dinner and dessert with a couple of my closest friend. Overally, I went to bed feeling loved and happy. 

Anyways, that is it for another week. I hope your week has been amazing and the next one will be just as good :)

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I am so happy it was your best one yet! You totally deserve it! Wishing you lots of positive vibes to find that marketing internship!!! Don't get down, sometimes finding jobs and pracs can be so discouraging, but you will find the right one, it's all about timing! :)

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. It was a fantastic birthday, honestly had the best time. Argh, finding one is so hard. Keep my fingers crossed for fate!

  2. All the best with your last subject at uni!!! I know how scary it is to think you're soon to graduate but things will work out - I am sure you'll find an amazing internship and job, they'd be silly not to have you! I'd also love to see a hair styling post, I am loving your short hair! xx

    Dani | MissNewBeauty.net