Tuesday Thoughts #3

July 14, 2015

Another week passed... another week closer to the beginning of Uni for the semester!

This week was pretty average. I wish I had more interesting things to talk about, but seriously... my life is pre' chill. I spent the week basking in my birthday glory and really making the most of my last couple weeks of pre-semester two bliss.

Speaking of uni, I go back next week. Technically. But I only have one subject, meaning three hours of contact time a week. Let's see if I can actually drag myself to uni every Wednesday night...

Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop was released and everyone went batshit crazy as expected. I am still so torn as to whether I want to actually purchase it. It looks gorgeous and all the pictures I've seen of people wearing it look phenomenal. BUT I am pale, ghostly pale. I am skeptical it will work and won't look dark and beige on my cheeks. Ahhhhh, opinions? Will I regret not purchasing it?

Netflix is my true love, I've been watching it every free minute I get. At the moment I am re-watching Doctor Who and I am up to the Matt Smith stage and I will not like him like I like David Tennant. I refuse to.

I am obsesssssed with my birthday present from my boyfie. Daniel got me the Michael Kors Hamilton tote and I cannot put it down. I am terrified of injuring it... seriously. To the point where I put a seat belt on it in the car. Can't help it.

Instagram Recap:

My birthday present from Daniel! <3
My birthday present to myself ;) 
Filmed this matte eye and matte lip look for my YT channel
Did a super coral, orange look - considering filming?! 
Thank god for Nutella hot chocolates!

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