Current Top 5 Everyday Peachy Blushes

August 28, 2015

Now it is no secret I am a sucker for a peachy toned blush. I absolutely adore the colour and I find the warmth of these types of blushers really compliment my skin tone. Anyways, I wanted to do a quick post based on my current top 5 peachy coral blushers. Let jump straight in!

Mostly I tend to use high-end cheek products so that's why the majority are on the expensive side but I did try to include a cheaper option (and by cheap, I mean ridiculously cheap!).

Benefit Rockateur: This is one of the latest Benefit boxed powders I've added to my collection, but this one is definitely the most used out of all the ones I own. It is the most perfect rose gold peach colour that looks amazing without any highlighter or anything. This is one of those blushers that you can throw on and no bother with other cheek products. The texture of this one is extremely smooth and buttery. Probably my favourite Benefit product ever...

Mac Melba: This one is a slightly lighter peachy orange shade. It's completely matte but it still perks up your complexion because of the shade type. I absolutely love this one for everyday occasions because it isn't too intense or obvious. If you are looking for the perfect matte peachy shade this is the one for you.

Makeup Academy Shade 6: This one looks pretty boring in the pan. It has a browner undertone but with some intense fine gold shimmer throughout. It is absolutely beautiful on the cheeks and the best part?!? It's ridiculously cheap. I picked this up for 1 Pound - literally less than $3. One of my all time favourite blushers. If you haven't tried MUA products, I definitely recommend their blushers (both cream and powder). Amazing quality and shade range.

Nars Luster: I asked on Instagram a while ago what people's favourite Nars blushers were and Luster was an extremely popular choice. This one is very similar in description to the MUA blush except a lot more orangey and brighter in tone. I love this one because as with Rockateur you can throw it on by itself but still look finished and pulled together. This is my favourite Nars blush!

Mac Warm Soul: This is literally the exact same as Nars Luster, except maybe the tiniest bit orangier. Very slight differences between the two. I was actually surprised when I purchased this that it didn't have more glitter bits or a chunkier texture. This is a cult favourite in the beauty world and I do understand the hype. Perfect blush to match with any makeup look.

I hope you guys enjoyed my top 5 everyday peachy blushers. I could probably go on to do my top 20, but I thought I would narrow it down to a more suitable number.
What's your favourite peachy blush? Have you tried any of my favourites?

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. Great picks :) sadly I don't have many peachy blushes, my current favourite is a cosmetics kitchen blush from a previous LHI box

  2. beautiful blushes! I tend to like pink ones more, but i quite like Modelco's Peach Bellini- you should check it out!

  3. They're all so pretty! I don't have any of these but I now want Melba!!! <3

  4. Love all of these blushes - I'm excited to get more into the peaches as Spring approaches! I MUST get my hands on Warm Soul soon

    Ash / The Beauty Collection

  5. I adore the Benefit blush, it's my absolute favourite! xx

  6. Feel the need to repurchase because I feel like a lot of powders might be similar to this well on a multi taker is like a very on a very full coverage counter as well so okay I'm a triadic see what some Omorfirx questions are here showed your proposal video ends world tom boyfriend he loved it K thank you so pm a hunt would you ever cut your hair short I did have.