Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks - WORTH THE HYPE?

August 07, 2015

You either love them or you hate them. The Gerard Cosmetics have long been talked about all over the beauty world and I am a fan of their lipglosses which I have already done a full blog post + lip swatches about here in case you wanted to know more about those instead! Their lipsticks have been getting a lot of hype as more and more YouTubers flog them off and keep doing collabs with them. I purchased three a couple months ago and wanted to give you guys a quick review.

The three colours I picked up were Buttercup, 1995 and Cherry Cordial

The lipsticks are in a gold tube, that is made of a verrrrry cheaply feeling plastic. I hate the echo sound of it. It reminds me of child makeup. I like the gold, but dang, I'm sure they could have put a bit more into the quality of the packaging considering their $20 per lipstick price tag...

They smell similar to the lipglosses, but a lot more "makeup"... does that even make sense? They smell like that typical cheaper makeup you would buy for your child. Play doh like. Not my favourite, but bearable compared to other products I've tried.

They vary depending on the colour. I also find the finishes to differ but they don't really mention it anywhere online what type of finish you are purchasing. I'll talk more about this below...

Buttercup is a nude pink shade that suits my complexion perfectly. If you have darker skin, I wouldn't recommend this to you because it is quite pale. This one has a more satin finish and is extremely creamy and smooth on application. This is one of my all-time favourite nude pink lipsticks, I absolutely adore it and have a backup ready to go. 

1995 is a collab with Jaclyn Hill and is meant to give you that Kylie Jenner pouty lip. It is a brown, rosey shade and this one is matte in formula. It is also ridiculously dry when applying and alwaaaays struggle to apply it without it dragging on my lips. This one here is too dark of a nude for me to wear and actually looks a bit odd on me *cry*. This would be the better nude lip option for people that can't pull off Buttercup!

Cherry Cordial is the darkest shade I own (and the darkest they have if I'm correct...) and is a deep red, burgundy colour with slight brown and plum tones. This is another matte one that also drags on my lips when I apply. This is super nice for Winter if you have thoroughly moisturised and scrubbed lips!

Overall, I don't mind the lipsticks I own from them but I'm not 100% sold on whether I want to purchase anymore. I feel like what you are paying for them does not translate into quality which is unfortunate.

Have you tried Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks before? Do you like them? 

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. They swatch gorgeously! I've heard quite a few people having problems with them though :( x

    Katina |

  2. I love cherry cordial. I used to own 1995 but the smell put me off it, it smells a lot like orange chocolate which is super weird xx

  3. I only have one (1995) and I think it's a fabulous shade for me but it is pretty drying. I've been wanting to try more from them but I've heard of so many problems with shipping, lost parcels, refusal to refund etc that it really puts me off!

    Dani the Girl XO

  4. I actually really hate all of their lipsticks. I have KimChi Doll and I find it really patchy on my lips and 1995 is so drying. I just think as a company they really aren't professional as well! Thanks for the honest review :)

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats