Tuesday Thoughts #4

August 04, 2015

Woops. So the last couple weeks I've been a bit overwhelmed with life so I haven't really been able to write up a regular Tuesday post!

Uni has started and I already feel ridiculously behind. There are so many things I need to read and I really want to end my university life on a high! It should be noted I have finished week 2 of classes and have managed to attend ALL classes (be that only 3...).

My fitness has started improving again. I've been going to gym regularly now and have really been cleaning out my diet. I am planning on cutting out my Coke Zeros from my diet because that shit does horrendous things to your body. Sticking with straight water, freshly pressed juice and my Tiny Tea.

This Champagne Pop debacle is driving me insane. So if you guys are aware, this whole thing between Becca Aus and Becca US and Sephora really screwed things up for smaller online Australian retailers. Basically it was meant to be a Sephora exclusive, Becca Aus didn't know and agreed to sell but Becca US got pissed.ANYWHOOOOS... I ended up ordering it and Moonstone and HOPEFULLY I will receive it mid August.

Orphan Black is my mother trucking bae atm. I have been watching it NON-STOP in the last week. It's so good. Definitely recommend it if you haven't watched it before. It is so captivating and requires full attention though just a pre-warning! Daniel tried watching it an episode or two in and was so damn confused hahaha.

Speaking of TV shows... any PLL lovers out there?!? Who do you think A is? I am so frustrated! Plus Red Coat?!? WHAT IS HAPPENING?! I need answers before I go crazy. Halp me.

That's all for now! A new post will be up this Friday :)

Instagram Recap

Absolutely in love with this smokey eye look I filmed!

This has been my go-to palette lately! Love all matte errythang

Using the Too Faced Natural Matte palette <3

Just because I like colour coordination!

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  1. Love your look with the Too Faced Natural Matte Palette!!! Gorgeous eye look and dat lip looks so good on you. I feel like we must be TV soulmates because I am currently watching and loving Orphan Black & I've always been a fan of PLL! <3

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  2. Ok 1. You are beautiful and that smokey eye looks incredible and 2. I'm so proud you're giving up soda! You're exactly right, it is horrible and you will feel so so much better for having sopped. xxxx