New Rimmel Products - Brow This Way and Wake Me Up Mascara Review + Demo!

September 04, 2015

Rimmel have been on fire lately releasing a stream of new products including the Wake Me Up Wonder'Full Mascara as well as the Brow This Way collection. I was lucky enough to receive a little selection of them and I really wanted to share my thoughts on them! 

Wake Me Up Wonder'Full Mascara: 
I never tried the original Wonder'Full mascara so I cannot compare the two but this one has a massive brush. It is as big as my eye and hourglass shaped. I find this wand a bit messy because it goes all over my eyelid as the formula is quite wet. They have gone with the regular bristles rather than a plastic wand and I appreciate this because I do love a full bristled wand. Unfortunately, this doesn't really do too much to my lashes other than make them black. As the formula is wet, it tends to weigh down my lashes and make them droop even after I've curled them. An added note, this mascara smells like cucumbers. It has cucumber vitamins in it which I assume are to "Wake Me Up"... (see what I did there?!).

Brow This Way Brow Styling Gel - Clear, Blonde & Dark Brown:
I am super excited to see these being released. I love the small wand and I love that they actually have varying colours. I find the texture of these to vary. The clear is definitely a gel but the coloured ones are mousse in feel. Amazingly these have incredible pigmentation. I wore the dark brown one by itself the other day and was quite happy with how my brows looked without too much product. I want to mention the colour of these - they aren't warm toned. That alone should sell you. Both the Blonde and Dark Brown are cool in tone and taupe! YAS.

Brow This Way Brow Sculpting Kit - Medium Brown and Dark Brown:
Firstly, there are very little differences between these two shades, with Dark Brown slightly more cool-toned. Overall I really like these. The gel is a really nice formula, not too sticky or tacky and lovely pigmented and smooth. The powder is smooth but not overly buttery. Very good brow powder feeling, you get me?! Definitely impressed with this entire collection! Using this makes doing your eyebrows so quick. Plus, the packaging is so neat and compact and would be fantastic for travel!

Here is my eyeball. Two coats of the Wake Me Up Mascara and the Brow This Way Sculpting Kit (both gel and powder) in Dark Brown and The Brow This Way Brow Styling Gel in Dark Brown.

Final thoughts:
I wasn't super keen on the mascara - I will continue to use it and test it out, but I find it too wet and heavy for my little lashes.
The entire brow collection is a thumbs up. I love it. Particularly the Sculpting Kit. Very good value and fantastic quality.

Have you tried these newbies yet or do you want to?

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. In general, Rimmel mascaras just don't tend to do it for me! They have SO many too and it seems like they're all average. I'm really liking the brow products though! The wax in the dark brown kit is a great colour, and the gel is surprisingly defining and thickening!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Yeah, I've never really been impressed with any of them either. Just a bit meh, and this one is super wet and drags my lashes down unfortunately.
      It's a really good formula, I'm so impressed with it!

  2. Loved the photos in this post Jacquelyn :) Totally agree with Tasha in her comment though, Rimmel's mascaras usually just droop for me ! x

    Katina |

    1. They all feel the same, nothing exciting or revolutionary! Have you tried these new brow products??

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