Top 5 Drugstore Bronzers!

October 02, 2015

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I have a moon face. My face shape is round and my cheeks are chubby. I cannot have my makeup done and NOT do something on my cheeks. Whether it be bronzer, contour or blush - I need something to give my face some actual shape so it actually resembles a humans face.

You don't have to spend a fortune to get that bronzey glow.

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder Sunny:
This was talked about on YouTube a lonnnng time ago, when I was first starting to get into makeup and it still is one of my absolutely favourites. Not only is it super afforable but it also is completely matte (which when I first purchased it, that was a rare thing in the drugstore world). The colour is quite warm, but relatively light in tone so it looks great on my fair skin. This one also blends out beautifully on the skin.

Innoxa Skin Perfecting BB Powder 5 in 1 Bronzer:
This one looks super dark in the pan and also has visible silver shimmer throughout. However, when applying to the skin, the glitters don't tend to transfer very much and instead it looks more like a healthy satin glow rather than a glittery disco ball. This is one that I tend to pick up on an everyday basis because I love how natural this can look. Be wary though, it is quite pigmented so be lighthanded with application.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Light to Medium:
This one is definitely the glitteriest of the bunch. It's quite warm toned with a very obvious glow and sheen to it. I really love how this is targeted towards lighter skin tones! This one blends like a dream and can be made to look like an extremely healthy, bronze glow on the cheeks. Love this baby for an everyday kind of glow. Not really a fan of the super bulky packaging though. Very awkward and unnecessary.

NYX Powder Blush Taupe:
Not so much a bronzer, but more a contour shade. I wanted to include this because it is drugstore and it is a fantastic product. This one is relatively sheer but that works well as the colour is extremely cool-toned and would look really muddy and dirty if heavily applied. This one is so smooth to blend out and is honestly one of my favourite contour products. I have heard rumours this has been discontinued... if so, I am devo :(

Colour Theory Bronzer Natural Glow:
This one is soooo good. This CT one is completely matte and very light in tone meaning it works beautifully with my pale skin. It blends so easily and looks natural. I also adore the CT packaging. I love the clear plastic look.

What is your favourite drugstore bronzer? I could have included so many more including Essence or L'oreal but honestly, these are the one I reach for on a daily basis so are by far my favourites.

Jacquelyn xx

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