Top 5 Summer Lip Products | 2015

November 20, 2015

The hotter months are coming and with that comes the influx of brighter and fresher lip colours. I am a total sucker for a beautiful bright lip and I couldn't resist showing you guys my top 5 lip product picks for the Summer months! If you want to see my picks, just keep reading!

Bourjois Color Boost - Peach on the Beach: I honestly feel like these lip balm crayon feel so similar to the YSL Rouge Voluptes. That very silky smooth, glossy finish, high pigment lipstick. However... obviously these are like a fragment of the cost of one of those. This colour is a bright pink, coral shade. The photo dims it down a bit, but believe me it is a bright, borderline fluorescent peach shade. I love this colour with really fresh skin and cheekbones highlighted to the Gods. 

MAC - Lady Danger: This is an extremely popular shade that you could wear anytime of the year. This is a warm red shade that kind of reminds me of chillis. Weird, I know. It's matte too which is my favourite lipstick formula. Although red lips usually takes a lot of effort to maintain, I find Lady Danger to last superbly on my lips and just really polish of an entire look.

Wet n Wild - Pinkerbell: I purchased this a couple years ago now and it is still one of my favourite lipsticks. A warm toned peachy pink shade that just screams Spring and Summer. The formula is lovely too - not completely matte but not slippery. Unfortunately, I do find this does usually make my teeth look slightly yellow tinged... but you know... beauty is hard.

Chi Chi Creamy Matte Liquid Lipstick - Socialite: I will never understand why they call these "Matte" Liquid Lipsticks... there is nothing matte about it. This shade is the definition of a Barbie lipstick. It is a cool based light, intense pink. The perfect colour when you want to pull off that whole cutesy, perfect approach. This colour needs maintenance because it tends to slip around and does not last the longest. I am just so obsessed with the colour I cannot handle myself. 

Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colour - Icon: Out of my entire liquid lipstick collection, this is probably the most unique of shades. It is following that whole radiant orchid trend from the other year and I just love it. Its a perfect mix of pink and purple. It isn't too purple where it looks clownish but purple enough so that it falls into the purple lips category. The formula is a moussey texture - similar to that of the Australis Velourlips (except I like these better because it is more pigmented and smoother).

So that is my Top 5 Summer Lip Product picks for 2015. I am totally digging the peaches (as always). What are you favourite lip products for summertime?

xx Jacquelyn

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  1. Great picks! LOVE Icon & Socialite!! <3