Tuesday Thoughts #6 - Wedding planning, Melbourne trip and losing weight!

November 24, 2015

Hello again!
I hope the last few weeks have not been as stressful as mine have been!

I'm a graduated lady now (kinda...). I officially graduate on the 9th of December, but really I'm all done now. I finished my last exam on the 2nd of November, but I already passed the subject so I wasn't stressed at all for it - thank goodness! I'm so keen to be graduated and entering the world with two Bachelor degrees!

Um... I'm getting married! I've been engaged for a while now (two whole years actually... woops!), so we finally decided that we should probably just do it and getting hitched. Since university finished for me I've been in wedding planning OVERDRIVE. Not even kidding... I've been pinteresting so many wedding ideas and everything. We've locked in our date, venue and photographer so we are well on the way to being happily married. Further details of our nuptials will probably seep their way onto my Insty or Facebook page.

As you are reading this, I'm probably leaving Melbourne. As a little present to myself for getting my way through five years of university, I thought I would treat myself to a mini getaway to Melbourne. I left on the 20th of November and I will be returning today as this post goes live with my belly full of delicious food and happy.

Speaking of food and the wedding, I am on a mission to better myself. I have been heading to gym for the last 3 weeks at least 6 times. I can already notice the changes in my body and I cannot wait until I am at the peak of my fitness. Additionally, my diet is a million times better. Daniel and I are trying to go towards a more plant based diet as we both find we feel better and less sluggish when we do. Also no Coke - still. I think my body is actually loving me right now. Things are tightening up and looking crazy better. Happy with my progress!

Anyways, that is my life lately. I hope you guys enjoyed my little catch up :)

xx Jacquelyn

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  1. How exciting! You sound so happy even through reading your words! Makes me happy! If you ever want to go on a hike together, let me know (Ben can't walk very far because of his knees so I don't have a hiking buddy haha) xoxo

  2. Wow, congrats on graduating as well as your wedding planning! I actually really loved planning my wedding, I'm sad it's all over! Sounds like you're doing amazing with your health & fitness too! You're going to be a stunning bride xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats