Product Love: Stefan 4 Colour Concealer

March 29, 2016

I received a couple products from Stefan Makeup a little (long!) while ago and I love them. In particular the gem of a product, the 4 Colour Concealer quad. If you want to hear my thoughts of this multi-tasking genius, keep reading!

Starting with the packaging, the 4 colours are contained with a very sleek, black plastic packaging with a clear window to see the shades. As it is plastic, it doesn't feel the most luxurious, however it must be noted I haven't smashed it or cracked it in the time I have had it! I cannot find the actual weight of the product anywhere - online or on the packaging which is strange?!

  • Lavender
    The lavender shade is probably my favourite of colours. I use this everyday around my eyes to ensure that any sallowness I have is concealed. This gives such a bright eyed, fresh look to my face. It is the most perfect lilac, purple shade which doesn't lose pigmentation through blending unlike other colour correctors I've tried.
  • Skin Colour 1
    This is the darker of the skin colour shades in the quad and it has a slight peach/salmon undertone which would be perfect for those with blue circles around their eyes. For me personally, this is my least used shade because I don't tend to get blue circles. 
  • Skin Colour 2
    This is my second most used shade in the quad. Slightly lighter in shade than the other skin colour tone, this one suits my skin better. I use this over the purple and green shades to ensure I don't look like a clown. If you don't suit the two skin colour shades, the quad design allows you to mix and match to create a colour that is perfect!
  • Green
    This is such a handy thing for the days I have a whole bunch of breakouts. Green works against any red marks so helps on any areas of my face that are raw and red. This colour requires the smallest amount to work best.
Overall, I am in love with this concealer quad by Stefan Makeup. I reach for it everyday, even of days where I do a no-makeup look. It helps my skin look great without piling on layers of foundation or powder. If you are of a light complexion and want to give the colour correcting trend a go, I highly recommend picking up the Stefan 4 Colour Concealer. You can purchase it from here for only $24.

What are your favourite products for colour correcting? Let me know in the comments below :)

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. The swatches look great! I'm all for colour correcting too, especially concealing redness around my nose and blemishes. xx

    Daniela |

    1. I've never really done too much with it, but it can definitely make such a difference if I want a flawless base!

  2. Does sound pretty handy! I've only ever used green to help with redness so interested to hear about other colours and their uses! <3


    1. Yeah! If you have problematic skin, colour correcting can be your bestie!

  3. Those swatches look so nice! I haven't tried any Stefan makeup products but this quad looks lovely! xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. I've been really enjoying the couple things I do have from them. I have a feeling the range is a bit hit and miss, you know?