Showdown: Maybelline Liquid Eyeliners - Hyper Glossy, Master Precise and Hypersharp

April 12, 2016

As you all probably know, Maybelline have a fantastic range of eyeliners, in particular liquid liners. Out of their collection, I own 3 of them; Hyper Glossy, Hypersharp and Master Precise. I do really like them all and have had big love to each one at their own time! Read on for a little more info on each one to find out which one I love!

Hyperglossy, Hypersharp and Master Precise
Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner
I picked this up after I watched a lot of Shaaanxo videos in 2015 where she raved on and on about how amazing this liner is. This particular liner is so opaque and I find the brush applicator tip super easy to use. The only downside I can find in it is that it never dries matte. As the name suggests, it dries with a glossy, wet look which isn't really my favourite as it can tend to look a bit tacky on my eyelids. I don't experience any flaking or smudging.

Hypersharp Wing Liquid Liner
This is the newest of eyeliners in my collection, and by golly I am smitten. As I said in my March favourites I have  been loving this particular liner. The tip of this is the longest and most flexible of the 3. When looking at the tip of this one, the side view is extremely thin and the front on view is a larger, fatter surface. I find this tip to be the easiest to create a fine and precise wing. The formula of this one is super black and I haven't dealt with any flakiness or cracking.

Master Precise Liquid Liner
This is their original liquid eyeliner and it is still a popular choice among many liquid liner lovers. I did really love this liner and found the applicator extremely easy and simple to use. However, I don't think this liner matches up with the other two in terms of opaqueness and intensity. Sometimes I find it looks like a dark grey rather than a true black which is unfortunate. I never experienced any flaking or smudging either. The slightly shorter and stiffer tip of the Master Precise will make this a perfect choice for a beginner winger!   

Hyperglossy, Hypersharp and Master Precise
Overall, my current favourite is the Hypersharp. I love the way it looks and the way it applies!

What is your favourite liquid eyeliner? Is it the same as mine? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. Love my Hyper Sharp and Master Precise as well! I haven't tried the Glossy one, but it looks similar in shape to a Revlon one which was my first foray into liquid liners!

    I definitely didn't get along with Hyper Sharp at first, after trial and error it's in my routine now :)

    Maddie |

    1. Yeah! I didn't really know how to use the Hyper Sharp at first, but I seriously can't put it down now! So easy :)

  2. I think i have master precise and it's the thinnest liner I have ever owned! Yours look a little bit thicker (which makes me question whether I have master precise or not lol)

    Lily not Louise

    1. Hmm, mine is quite small - could just be the comparison between the other two that make it look fatter hahaha. Not sure!

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