Review: Brite Spot Medic Patches

April 26, 2016

I have seen these innovative pimple patches floating around online for a while now and I was lucky enough to be sent some to try recently! Daniel and I have both been testing these out for probably the last two months on any pimples that decide to pop up! Keep reading to find out what we both thought of these innovative little pimple fixers!

Basically within the pack you receive a sheet of 36 different sized gel plasters which are meant to "eliminate pimples" and help fight redness and swelling. Directions state that you just apply them to any blemishes on clean dry skin.

Personally... Daniel and I have always applied these after popping our pimples. Yes, I know... TMI. We pop the pimple, dry it out as much as possible and then apply one of these before bed.

I didn't receive any negative effects from using the patches like dryness or flakiness which I usually experience when I use acne products. After taking the patch off in the morning after a good 7-9 hours on my face, I notice a lot of cloudiness on the patch, which I assume is the yucky, dirty stuff actually getting sucked out of the pimple! The pimple is usually a lot less swollen and red compared to the day before. I have used it two nights in a row on particularly unsightly pimples but I have not noticed any difference between the first use and second use.

Have you tried these before? I think these are a great option for the days before any special event where you want your skin to be looking smooth and flawless!

Jacquelyn xx

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