Review: Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer *NEW RELEASE*

May 05, 2016

Recently I've been testing out a new primer by skincare giant brand Dermalogica. They just released two primers to go along with their original Skinperfect Primer. I got my hands on the Redness Relief Primer and if this is anything to go by, I want to pick up the other two from the line!

I love the fact this primer has an SPF 20 level, making it perfect for sunny Australian days. I don't understand why more everyday primers don't have SPF in them!

As a redness relief primer, it has to be able to counteract the red and pink tones that show on the skin. To do this, the primer has a strong green tint to it. However, when rubbed into the skin the primer disappears. Even though it disappears, I think I personally do see a difference in the redder zones of my face like my cheeks and chin so I do agree with its claims on reducing redness.

The texture of this primer is a light-weigh moussey gel feeling that blends beautifully into the skin without making you feel as though you have layers upon layers on your face. Although it isn't marketed as  blurring or smoothing primer, I do believe that the moussey formula does assist in this to an extent.

I haven't so far found any foundations that haven't worked with the primer and I don't find my face has gone oily or slippery at any point of the day whilst wearing this product. The one downside I can see in this product is the price. This primer is only 22mL but it costs a hefy $70! That is in comparison to the other neutralising primer I own by Bare Minerals which cost $35 for 30mL!

If I have the spare change hanging around I will pick up the other new primer release from Dermalogica, The Hydrablur Primer, which works at smoothing and perfecting the skin. I've seen images of it at work and I am gobsmacked!

Have you tried any of Dermalogica's new primers?

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. Pity about the price tag, I'd also love to try the Hydrablur one!

    Notable Beauty