Review: MAC Emphasize Powder

May 17, 2016

Okay. I bought into the hype. I grabbed the MAC Emphasize powder because Jaclyn Hill always raves on and on about it. I know a lot of people who swear by this powder being their holy grail in terms of under-eye brightening. I'm going to go against the trend and say a big fat NO to MAC Emphasize. If you want to find out why I'm not feeling this powder, keep reading!

Emphasize is a slightly warm toned, white powder. It is usually used to set the under-eye area and works at brightening. The powder itself is smooth and doesn't create much loose powder when applying. It has a sheer look when swatched, it doesn't come off fully white, instead more of a white layer. I originally thought this was a matte white powder, however, it has a whole bunch of subtle shimmer running through it.

Application of this is the biggest downfall for me. Applying this under my eyes like what is suggested turns me into a snake. It makes my skin look scaly and dry. I also find it applies extremely patchy with my brush. I don't really know how else I could apply this under my eyes. 

But I paid $30 for this little pan, so I'm going to somehow use it on my face! I've been applying this as my nose highlight around the bridge and tip of my nose. The subtle shimmers make for a fantastic highlight without being OTT! I've also been applying this as a subtle everyday highlight and adding a soft glow to the inner corners of my eyes. I think in small and light-handed applications, Emphasize is a good inclusion to your kit.

Overall do I think Emphasize is a must-have? Definitely not. I actually really don't like this like everyone else does. I feel like for $30 I was expecting a lot more, and it really didn't deliver.

Have you tried MAC Emphasize before? What were your thoughts?

Jacquelyn xx

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  1. Wow! Wasn't expecting that! Thanks for the honest review!! It's never in store when I do! I was just going to order online but will definitely wait until I have swatched now!

  2. So glad I read this post before buying. Like you I have wanted it for long because Jaclyn Hill raves about it and I agree with Shannon its always sold out online so I assumed it was the bomb. Another disappointing over hyped product :(

    Bec ||

  3. I bought this because Jaclyn Hill raved about it and set it was her HG undereye setting powder but I totally agree it sucks and I feel like I wasted my money!!! Totally agree with your review babe.

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats