20 Facts About Me TAG!

July 24, 2016

Yay! I haven't done one of these for ages... if ever! The lovely Bec from Beauty With Bec tagged me in her recent 20 Random Facts About Me blog post and I couldn't resist. I am a bit slow in getting mine up, but I finally found a moment to sit and relax and tell you guys some things about me!

Insert typical posing Insty photo

If you would like to get to know me better, keep reading!

  1. I graduated university in December 2015 with a dual degree in Information Technology and Business (Marketing) - so if you have any good jobs going, get in touch! :D
  2. I have a super creepy obsession with pugs. If I am out and spot one, I tend to burst into tears. Ask anyone that knows me...
  3. Binge watching shows (like a whole season in one day...) is my favourite hobby/skill.
  4. Speaking of TV shows, Supernatural is my be all, end all. Not that the story line is good anymore, but I feel like I am a dedicated member of the fandom.
  5. I have traveled to four continents and almost 20 countries. Travel bug is real.
  6. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup in high school and never even bothered much with makeup until I was older than 18.
  7. I die for lasagna.
  8. I am less than 3 months away from my wedding!
  9. I have an extremely bad digestive system and have been diagnosed with IBS, so technically I shouldn't eat 3/4 of the things I eat... but LASAGNA.
  10. My favourite thing in the world is sitting on the couch with my boo and my fat cat.
  11. After many debates with my fiance, I am a true Apple snob, through and through.
  12. I've had Snapchat for the last year and I still have no freaking clue how to use it.
  13. I am dying to head back to Canada and go exploring. Goaaaals af.
  14. Maxibons are everything. Golden Gaytimes go alright too.
  15. I shave my face. If you guys would like a blog post about the whole thing, let me know! :)
  16. I have yet to make a purchase from Sephora AU since it opened their online store... #slackbeautyblogger
  17. I never style my hair. You will usually* (*always) find my hair in a ponytail or bun. I don't mind which as long as my hair is off my face.
  18. Back to the technology sense, I have a shitty iPhone 5 which is slowly dying.
  19. Nothing irks me more than wet dirty dishes. That shit is nasty.
  20. Finally, DON'T YOU EVER, EVER, EVVVVVER eat red onion in my presence. That is a satan vegetable. 
So I hope you guys enjoyed learning a little bit more about me with these random af facts. Thank you Bec for tagging me! I tag Mel from Loads of Lifestyles to post her random 20 facts!

If you want to hear some more facts about me (or just listen to my sweet, sweet, beautiful voice) you can watch my Get To Know Me video on YouTube here.

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  1. You should definitely go back to Canada, if you need any recommendations just let me know!!! I'm definitely an Apple snob as well but that's okay. I think a lot of creative people are, because all the good editing apps are only available on apple!!! Can't believe your wedding is in just 3 months! So close!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  2. currently loving your blog and opened like 20 tabs for me to read! but just wanted to say that like you, sephora has been here for months too and i still havent purchased anything. lol.

    and best wishes on the wedding!! :)

    Maj @makeupinmanila