My Experience: Brazilian Beauty

July 26, 2016

I was recently invited by the Brazilian Beauty team to come in and trial one of their services. I decided upon the Peptide Infusion Facial after recommendations from Tahana and Sarah and obviously because who doesn't love an amazing facial.

If you would love to learn more about the treatment and how it went for me, keep reading!

The Peptide Infusion Facial is meant to help reduce the signs of ageing and provides some much needed hydration to the skin. A 60-minute sessions costs $149 and a 90-minute session costs $179. Spa treatments are never a super affordable thing, however, they are amazing before an event of a special occasion. 

I plan on making another appointment closer to my wedding date to help ensure my skin is in amazing condition!

Firstly, we started with a skin scan analysis to see how my skin was looking. Overall, my skin was nicely hydrated with only a couple issues around my nose. 

Following this, we begun the treatment firstly with a double cleanse to ensure maximum efficiency of the peptides and remove any debris lingering on my face. This was so relaxing and I could already feel the clarity in my skin after this - it was super soft and smooth in texture.

I opted to spend an extra $39 and go in with a sensitive peel on my face. We went for the sensitive option as I had never done a peel before and was a bit hesitant about trying them out. It wasn't exactly a pleasant experience and it did tingle and feel quite irritating on my skin, however it was wiped off within a couple minutes. 

I then received an incredible face, decollatage, arm and back massage by the lady and literally was so comfortable and relaxed during this. It felt incredible with the hot towels around my neck, face and back. So relaxing. Additionally, this was when she popped on the Peptide sheet mask. It felt so good on my skin and my skin was soaking up the serum like crazy. You can buy these sheet masks separately so you can pamper yourself at home too! My specialist explained to me that peptides are fantastic at restoring and repairing muscles and any damage to my skin.

Once all the serum from the sheet mask was absorbed by my skin, she finished up by applying any remainder serum from the packaging and topping off with an SPF for the rest of the day.

My skin felt incredible for the rest of the day and was feeling extremely hydrated for the days following. Unfortunately, the peel did leave my skin red and irritated looking for the rest of the day, however when I woke up the following morning there was no more irritation. 

Have you been to Brazilian Beauty before? What are your favourite treatments? I think I might try out their LED treatments next to help minimise my freckles.

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  1. Ohh, so interesting, thanks for sharing your experience. I thought it was going to be a waxing post at first haha!
    XX Sue

  2. I recently got the peptide facial and I loved it!!! Such a good experience! :)

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats