August 2016 Favourites

September 12, 2016

Better late than never, right?! My August 2016 beauty favourites are here andit a good mixture of makeup, skincare, haircare and even some bodycare thrown in for good measure. Keep reading if you want to know what I had on rotation for the month of August...
MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream
As of late, I've been on the MooGoo bandwagon and I've been loving all their products. This moisturiser is incredible for my scaly legs. My pet peeve with moisturisers is how sticky and heavy they can tend to feel on my skin, but this one is lightweight and sinks in fast. Also, something about the scent is so comforting for me.

This watch has been my everything last month. It goes with every outfit and just looks so sleek and sophisticated. I haven't had a watch like this before but I'm so glad I finally do, because it such a gorgeous statement piece for any outfit.

I've noticed that my preferences in primers has changed substantially over the months. Originally, I used to be a dedicated lover of silicone based primers, but recently, I've been opting for a more moisturising and cream textured primer. This Avon Luxe Finish Primer feels so lovely on the skin and it does seem to extend the longevity of my foundation throughout the day. 

OBSESSED with this product is a complete understatement. I cannot fault this brow pomade at all. It is so smooth, creamy and the colour looks incredible with my naturally black/brown eyebrow hairs. This is honestly my favourite brow product, no question about it!

Loving this detangling hair brush! My hair is prone to get tangles because it is so thick, but this is perfect for getting through those knots. The only downside for this brush is its lack of handle, it is a bit awkward and uncomfortable to hold.

The last couple months I've been enjoying having this toning mist as part of my morning and night skincare routine. It's super quick and easy, and unlike other toners this one is so gentle and just works at giving my skin a little boost of hydration.

Okay, so I don't do much with my hair on the regular, but when I do style it or have it out I love to spritz this spray throughout my hair and then use my fingers to texture the hair up. This spray gives my hair so much volume and definition, it really suits my darker hair and the highlights.

Okay, so this should have probably been in my favourites about two months ago, but I completely forgot even though I use it everyday! This powder is incredible. Its set my face like no other and makes my face look poreless and smooth. This is also the perfect powder to bake with too!

This is basically my everyday lip colour now. The formula is soooo good - lightweight, pigmented and long-lasting.This colour in particular is such a gorgeous cool-toned nudey pink and I think it looks super flattering on my skin and just looks great with so many looks. You can check out my full review on the ENTIRE collection here + grab a 15% discount code in the blog post too!

Let me know what your favourites were for the month of August in the comments below!

 Til next time...

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  1. I want that Oribe spray just for the packaging!! And I am going to have to try those L'Staj lipsticks!!! You keep saying how amazing gthey are! I'm posting my faves today haha definitely better late than never!! <3


    1. The packaging is beautiful, hey! Love the black + gold combo, so luxe! Plus, it smells incredible!

      Will keep an eye out for your faves!

  2. I love that Oribe spray! I have been saving my travel sized ones for special occasions though because I'm pretty sure I can't take the plunge and pay for the full size haha.

    Emma | Rosy Disposition