Review: Avon Luxe Range

October 20, 2016

Avon Luxe
You guys may have spotted these goodies on my Instagram! I recently received a care package with a couple of the brand new Avon Luxe products. Honestly, when I think of Avon I think of my mum and when I was little and all the Avon parties and pamphlets, but this Avon Luxe range definitely changed  my attitude as soon as they arrived!

Avon Luxe
 First up, the eyeshadow palette in Cocoa Couture. Featuring 5 shades, 3 of which are matte and 2 shimmer. These were pretty underwhelming. Out of all 5 shades, I only really enjoy the dark chocolate matte and the dark chocolate shimmer. The rest of the shades in the palette lacked pigment and didn't feel creamy at all. I did however, like the inclusion of a pinky peach, which is a rare thing for a brand to include in a neutral palette. 

The standout of the entire collection that I received was easily the Fabulous Finish Primer. With my experience, I found this primer to feel lovely on the skin and help to smooth everything out and provide a mattified base for foundation to be applied to. I also found that this really did prolong my makeup for the day. I little hidden gem in the collection and one that I feel most would overlook!

Next up I tried out the Volume Extravagance Mascara and with my short lashes I didn't expect much. This mascara has a (very) slight hourglass shape without being too awkward or uncomfortable to use. This didn't do much of a job of giving my lashes volume as the name suggests, however, it did a good job of separating and making my lashes look fluffy and flirty. This lasted fine on my upper lashes without any smudging or flaking. I really wish this could give me a little more length and volume!

Avon Luxe
Next item I tried, and was probably the most excited about was the Temptation Powder Blush in Coral Elegance. Definitely a shade I reach for, a gorgeous peachy orange shade with shimmer throughout to give a healthy glow. This is another standout from the range and I love the colour. This isn't as pigmented as other blushes I own, but that could be a bonus if you are sometimes a bit heavy handed in application.

The final item I received in my care pack was the Couture Creme lipstick in Designer Red, a bright and vivid true red. I WIIIISH they sent me a nude shade or a more subtle shade, because I honestly I hate this formula with such an intense colour. Red lips are hard to handle on a normal basis, but I cannot deal with a glossy, slippery red like this! I get way to cautious of having lipstick smear across my cheek or onto my teeth. If you like a glossy red, this colour is absolutely incredible and the pigmentation is insane!

And just a quick note, I hattttte the packaging of the powders (blush and eyeshadows)! The containers are soooo difficult to open, I actually sit there for five minutes trying to open them. Wot!?

Have you tried anything from the Avon Luxe range yet? What are your thoughts on the products?

Till next time...

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  1. Wow the packaging of this range is awesome! I always thought of Avon as a cheaper looking brand, but they're really picking up their game with their products. Love the post.


  2. That lipstick in designer red looks lovely!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic