How to take the PERFECT flatlay in 5 steps!

October 17, 2016

How To Take The PERFECT Flatlay In 5 Steps
I always get asked how I take my flatlays on Instagram and I did a mini tutorial on my Snapchat (which is jacccquelyn btw!) and asked if anyone wanted to read more on my blog, and a lot of people said YES so here I am! Keep reading if you want to know how I take the perfect flatlay (lol and when I say perfect, I mean my "perfect" flatlay hahaha)...
1. Focus on the lighting
No matter how many apps you use or photoshopping you do, lighting is the BIGGEST factor in getting a good photo. Even if you think you can't style an image well, lighting will up your game x10000. Lighting helps to make your items stay true to colour as well as make the image look crisper and cleaner. I absolutely hate using artificial lighting for my images, 

2. Wake up early
Yep, biggest killer I know. Get your photos done early in the morning to ensure you get the best lighting. I aim to take my photos in the morning between 7am until 10am, as this is the golden period where shadows are softer and a natural warmth is added the images. 

3. Don't clutter the shot
Sometimes go with the saying "less is more". Play with the space of your shot, whether it is white space or the inclusion of props, whatever you are taking a photo of doesn't need to be placed front and centre. Look at strategically placing your focus item in different places of the image and see what you like. Don't stress, there is no "wrong" or "right" way to take a picture!

4. Play around with your layout
Taking a photo is a pretty chill task, so don't get too stressed if the shot doesn't look great first time around. Try moving some of the items to a different place or shifting it in a different angle and keep snapping!

5. Keep your backgrounds simple
You want whatever you are taking a photo of standout, so avoid using backgrounds that are too busy or hectic. I personally use a white board and sometimes add in some small props like plates or decorated paper. 

I hope you liked reading what are my top tips on how I achieve my "perfect" flatlays! If you guys would like some more details on my actual process including how I take the images and how I edit them, then let me know in the comments below!

What are your flatlay taking tips?

Til next time...

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  1. Great tips Jac! I hope you have an amazing week prepping for the wedding!!! <3


  2. Great Tips! I specially agree with taking your photo's in the morning it really is the best lighting.

    Nicole xx |

  3. Great read! Thanks for the tips!

  4. Yep lighting is the number one thing I reckon!!

    Bec |