Tazzannastore Haul + Review!*

November 10, 2016

I was recently lucky enough to be contacted by Tazzannastore to try a small sample of the luxury products they stock on their website and give them a whirl!

Whilst I had never previously heard of Tazzannastore before, I was pleasantly surprised when I went to their website and saw all the goodies they stock. Tazzannastore is a Perth run business with a variety of skincare, makeup and haircare brands ranging from affordable to more luxury items like the ones I have been testing out. 

 When you go online shopping, you kind of just get the products and move on with your life. Not with Tazzannastore! Not only did I receive the products all packaged beautifully, but I also received a little note as well as a small Lindt block of chocolate and a teabag so I could sit back, relax and immerse myself in my new goodies! Who doesn't love a company that goes the extra mile and makes the customer feel super special!?

Now onto the most exciting part of this blog, the products!

This is a little gem of a product! This is a multi-use product and there are 3 different ways to use it; as a day/night cleanser, makeup remover and finally a deep cleansing treatment. This has a thick gel texture and has a very slight scent, nothing offensive and barely noticeable. I have yet to put this to the test extensively, however, I am excited at incorporating this into my routine on a daily basis. OM Skincare says they combine cutting edge science with nature to return Chi energy to the skin.

When I saw this in my Tazzannastore box I was super excited! I've never tried a Konjac Sponge before but I've been dying to give one a try. These sponges work at deep cleansing the skin with or without an additional cleanser product. The Konjac Sponge is completely natural and is rich in mineral extracts to help detoxify and improve the skin. I feel like it gives a really deep cleanse, helping to smooth the skin gently exfoliate. I've read a couple reviews on this one and people have even used it on their babies it is that gentle!

Eye creams are something that I often forget or never bother looking at, but I've been loving this one! It is super lightweight and sinks into the skin really fast. Heaven is a brand that is raved about by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton, so you know you're in good company when you use it.

Bellissimo Eyelashes
Okaaaay, I can't find this anywhere and nowhere on the box does it say what variety these lashes are!
These lashes are gorgeous and luxurious mink eyelashes that can be used up to 25 times if cared for correctly. I choose a natural and fluttery style as I will be able to use these for a number of occasions where I am not keen on wearing heavy, thick lashes. These particular ones are soft and flare out towards the ends to create a more elongated look. I haven't tried these yet so I'm not sure how they will go, but for such natural lashes they do have quite a thick band... hmm.

You will ALWAYS catch me with hand sanitiser in my purse. Always. I am a bit of a clean freak and hate touching things out and about without having any way of cleansing my hands from nasty germs. Never have I ever used a hand sanitiser as fancy as this one though! Whilst normal sanitisers that you buy from the supermarket tend to dry your hands out because of the alcohol, this one by Margaret Dabbs is enriched with their signature ingredient of Australian Emu Oil and plant extracts like White Water Lily. This has been a fixture in my handbag since I received it. 

Overall, I am so excited to be trying everything I received from Tazzannastore and have been stoked by their levels of customer service and extra thought into giving the customer a little bit extra!

Have you guys purchased anything from Tazzannastore before? They stock all the brands mentioned above as well as brands like Coastal Scents, Shanghai Suzy, Alpha-H, RCMA and Bioderma to ensure you get everything your heart desires!

Til next time...

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