January 01, 2017

2016 was a big one. I had a lot of amazing highs but also quite a few lows.
The last 12 months have seen me love a whole bunch of beauty goodies but I've narrowed down my skincare and beauty favourites to the following products. Keep reading if you want to find out what I thought was the best of 2016.

Skinstitut Products - Glycolic Scrub, L-Lactic Cleanser and Moisture Defence Oily Skin*
This year I was all about my skin and getting it to be as amazing as possible in time for my wedding. I had heard a few good things from fellow beauty bloggers about Skinstitut products and after I tried these products out, I could tell these were incredible.
Straight off the bat, my skin cleared up. No more breakouts including my persistent cystic acne! My skin texture improved and I honestly love the way my skin has been acting since jumping on the Skinstitut bandwagon.
I basically completely changed my entire skincare routine to Skinstitut about 6 months ago and honestly, I'm finding it very hard to switch to new products. Keep a look out, I will be posting a thorough review shortly. 

Sally Hansen Complete Care*
This is my HG base coat. This strengthens my nails and the formula is amazing - not too thick and dries super fast. I have repurchased this twice this year because I use it every time I do my nails!

Morphe 35O Palette
The first of my eyeshadow palette picks is the gorgeous Morphe 35O palette. If you read my review on the palette here, you know I am not 100% loving the shadows. However, in saying that I used this palette so much in 2016 I knew I had to include within my yearly favourites.
A must for any warm eyeshadow lovers out there.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette
Read my full review with swatches here. This palette is coming back to store shortly and I definitely wanted to mention it again because it is stunning and smells delicious. The colours suited everyday looks as well as some vamped up night time looks. I still can't get enough of this palette!

Ciate X Chloe Morello Pretty Fun and Fearless*
Review here on the palette from the Ciate London X Chloe Morello Beauty Haul collab. Well done to Chloe on choosing a beautiful selection of shades and textures for her collab palette. With a mixture of warm and taupe/purple toned eyeshadows, there is something for everyone in this eyeshadow palette. I knew I had to mention this because I adore the versatility and have constantly been wearing this since I received it.

Colourpop Cosmetics - Elixir 
This colour is evvvvverthing. Not only do I wear this rusty red with other shades, if I am running out the door I tend to throw a light layer of this through my crease. Since I purchased this, I can't seem to put it down. The formula of this shadow is so smooth and pigmented, I'm definitely impressed.

Paulas Choice Blush It On Contour Palette*
You've probably seen this palette make quite a number of appearances on my Instagram during 2016. Including a lovely bronzer, highlighter and 4 blushes, this palette has been a winner for any trips away as well as just for everyday because it has everything I need to finish my look!
You can read my full review here.

RCMA No Color Powder
Yep. The much-talked about powder is my favourite powder of 2016... if not ever. This powder is so smooth and just makes my skin look photoshopped. I use this basically everyday whether it be for setting my makeup, for cleaning up my contour or brightening my undereyes. Do yourself a favour and get on the RCMA bus!

Too Faced Better Than Sex 
This mascara though! I thought nothing would beat my Benefit Rollerlash but I cannnnnot stop with TF. This mascara adds so much volume, colour and length. I wear this almost everyday because it really opens my eyes up everytime I wear it. A full review is here

Rimmel Contour Kit*
This trio includes a highlight, blush and bronzer. This is what I like to call my "weekend makeup". A quick sweep of each of these shades and my cheeks are done! I can't fault any of these powders and honestly believe this was one of the best drugstore releases of the year.

Poni Cosmetics Mane Stain*
I have two different shades and interchange them depending on my look. This is my favourite (yep, FAVOURITE) brow product. The formula is beautiful and pigmented as all hell. I love myself a pomade type brow product and this blows everything else I own out of the water. So good. 

Becca Flowerchild X Champagne Pop Split*
I already loved Champage Pop, but the addition of the Flowerchild blush in this split is the best. Flowerchild is a lovely light, everyday pink shade that really brightens and livens up the face. Anyday that I felt my skin was lacking or I really needed a face pick-me-up, this would be my go-to because of the luminosity in it. Check out the full split range here.

Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Liner Nude
I always find nude lip liners to never suit my complexion or the pigment in my lips, but after purchasing this at the beginning of the year I fell in love quick and fast. This is a lighter nude shade that perfectly compliments ANY nude lip colour I choose. I am actually sooooo devo that TF are discontinuing it.

Colourpop Midi
Favourite nude liquid lipstick. This colour is my go-to nude lipstick - especially in the last couple months. As a fair girl, I always find it difficult to find a nudey lipstick that isn't too dark and Midi is my perfect nudey-pink shade. I have 2... that is how much I love Midi.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner*
If you struggle with dry and rough black eyeliners, look no further that this drugstore gem. I use this everyday without fail to add volume to my upper lashes. This liner is so smooth, black and creamy without smudging and making me look like a hot mess by the end of the day. I haven't spoken about this because I always forget but this is without a doubt, my favourite black eyeliner.

Becca Rose Quartz*
Now I've tried pinky highlighters before, but this one is something special. The colour of this isn't so much pinky but more a subtle pink hint and I think it is extremely flattering on my skin colour and goes with a variety of the looks I wear. Since receiving this a couple months ago, it has quickly become my favourite highlight. If you are considering getting this baby, I highly recommend it as it is LE!

Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil*
I have never loved an eyebrow pencil, but the Benefit Goof Proof is so goddamn good. It has an interesting shape that makes filling in your eyebrows super quick and defined. Out of all of Benefit's eyebrow product, this is a clear winner for me. 

L'Staj Lady Lavish*
This gorgeous pink shade is one of my favourite L'Staj lipsticks. Super a comfortable formula and a beautiful colour that doesn't look clownish or strange on me for an everyday basis. I highly recommend the L'Staj lipstick and hands down are probably my favourite liquid lipstick formulas.

THAT'S ALL! Finally, got to the end. What were some of your 2016 favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

Til next time...

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  1. Oooh yeeees - so many amazing products, I love so many of these too! Skinstitut skincare has been ah-maaazing - love their glycolic products! And I seriously didn't expect much out of that Sally Hansen base/top coat but my nail polish lasts so long with it! Loved those three eyeshadow palettes this year too, though I had a love/hate relationship with TF sweet peach haha! I was shocked to see them discontinuing the nude lip liner since so many people love it! I saw it on clearance and I was like score gonna buy but it was sold out :'(

    Tasha // shiwashiful.