Review: LVL Hair Hairbrush Straightner*

February 27, 2017

With shorter hair, I need to regularly straighten my hair as the awkward length means it tends to flick up at the bottom giving me a very weird 50s housewife look. Now, I'm no stranger to these fandangle hairbrush straighteners and I've tried quite a number, however, this new LVL Hair is a winner in my books! 

Keep reading to hear my thoughts on their hairbrush straightener.

The LVL Hair brush currently retails for $89.99 on their website by itself, however, their Three Is A Charm bundle retails for an amazing $105.99 - such a bargain! The bundle is what have an includes not only the amazing brush, but also a thermal heat shield spray as well as some separation clips to make the process even easier.

I wasn't too sure on the Thermal Shield spray, as previous sprays I've tried have felt sticky or tacky on my hair and tend to weigh it down. However, the LVL Hair spray feels lightweight and dries quickly without weighing down my hair. It also smells fresh and fruity!

The LVL Hair brush in comparison with others I've tried has a much faster heat up time as well as having 10 different heat temperatures to cater for different hair types! Additionally, I find the heat tongs on the brush head to be slightly longer than other brushes I've tried which helps it to glide through my hair more easily and allows me to straighten more hair at a time.

To start off with, I do a quick spritz of the LVL Hair Thermal Shield then brush through with a comb or regular brush to help evenly distribute the product. I like to separate my hair into half with the top half pinned to the crown of my head using their separation as it just allows for me to get to every section on my head. 

This brush honestly straightened my hair so fast and only needed a couple strokes on each section to give it a sleek look. Since I received this baby, I've halved the time it takes for me to do my hair which allows me to catch some extra ZZZ's in the morning ;)

I give this baby a big two thumbs up!

Have you tried a hair straightening brush before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Till next time... 

**this post is sponsored by LVL Hair, but as always, my opinions are completely honest and my own

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  1. I always wonder how well these work. It is good that this one is way more affordable than most of the ones out there. I'm actually tempted :)

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  2. Thanks for the review but I really like my Karmin smoothing brush is great.