Benefit Hoola vs. Benefit Hoola Lite

May 08, 2017

If you've been following me for a while, you would know that the original Benefit Hoola bronzer is one of my all-time favourite cheek products. Even with my extremely fair skin, I've never actually found Hoola to be too harsh or pigmented but I do know that for some it has looked too deep or orange on their skintones.

Introducing Hoola Lite*, a lighter little sister of the OG. If you want to read my thoughts and see some comparison swatches, keep reading!

Hoola, Hoola Lite
The original Hoola I find to the perfect neutral bronze shade, which I can manage to use both for contouring as well as giving a subtle warmth to the skin. In comparison, the Hoola Lite is quite a number of shades lighter, and personally, I do find it translates warmed on my skin than the original. Looking closer at the product, I find it has a subtle peachy undertone to it as well. 

Personally, I don't think I can really see myself using Hoola Lite for contour. If you were after a more contouring type shade, I would definitely recommend the OG Hoola as this has more of a neutral undertone. 

I've been reaching for the OG Hoola for any special events or outings, however I have been tending to pick Hoola Lite to complete my everyday makeup look as it is soft, subtle but with enough impact to create some definition around my face and cheekbones without going all out with the contouring. I also have been LOVING Hoola Lite for a transition shade on my eyelids - gives me a lot of "Peach Smoothie" Makeup Geek vibes!

Fingers crossed that they bring out a deeper Hoola shade for my darker skinned beauties out there!

Have you tried the OG Hoola or Hoola Lite? What's your favourite? 

Till next time...

This product was gifted to me, however, as always, the opinions are always my own

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  1. I bought the new Benefit cheek palette last night, I cant wait for it to arrive! I don't own any of benefit's boxed cheek products! I am excited to use both Hoola & Hoola Lite!

    Mel xx Loads of Lifestyle